The best visual settings for Spider-Man 2


    Spider-Man 2 launched on PS5 with a ton of different graphics settings to choose from, whether you’re a fan of the frame rate, the graphics, or a combination of both.

    Ultimately, it all comes down to fidelity versus performance, and the decision will largely be up to you in Spider-Man 2.

    Best performance settings in Spider-Man 2

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    If you’re looking to get the best frame rate possible in Spider-Man 2, it’s best for you to select the Performance setting in Graphics Mode. The game will aim for 60 FPS all the time, but you’ll get a visual hit in the process. Instead of reaching full 4K resolution, it will max out at dynamic 1440p and occasionally drop to around 1080p. The image above is an example of what the game will look like with Performance mode enabled.

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    In addition to the resolution drop, you’ll notice worse textures and ray tracing. In practice, it doesn’t look too bad and you’ll get used to it quickly. If you have a TV that supports VRR and 120Hz, you can unlock some additional features. VRR will automatically smooth out drops in frame rate, essentially making it look like you’re getting a solid 60 all the time, even if there are drops.

    Turning off the Anti-aliasing option will allow you to exceed 60 FPS, but this will have some drawbacks. Your TV will no longer smooth out drops, so you may feel some sudden changes while gaming. It will also reduce the resolution further to try to get a higher, but variable frame rate. If you are especially susceptible to this type of drops, leaving the Smoothing option on will be much better.

    Best Fidelity Settings in Spider-Man 2

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    If you want to make the most of the graphical power that the PS5 can offer, then Fidelity mode will be right for you. This mode targets full 4K resolution, but the frame rate will be capped at 30. For a game that relies on fluidity and fast movements like Spider-Man 2, this could be a deal breaker for many, even if the Frame rate is quite stable.

    As compensation for the lower frame rate, almost everything in the game will look better. You’ll get better textures, particle effects, and a higher base resolution. Ray tracing will also look much better, and this can be easily tested by climbing the side of a building and observing reflections from the windows. The image above shows how sharp the game looks with ray tracing turned up to maximum.

    If you have VRR and 120Hz support, you can get some cool features. As a good compromise between frame rate and graphics, you can enable a 40 FPS mode that maintains Fidelity settings. You’ll get 10 extra frames per second and the same high-quality graphics. Of course, that’s not an option for everyone, but it’s nice to have if you have the necessary hardware. Disabling the Smoothed VRR option will allow you to go up to 60 FPS in this mode according to Digital Foundrybut there will be a lot of dips between 40 and 60. If you want the smoothest settings, you’ll want to leave Smoothing enabled.

    What is the best graphics settings in Spider-Man 2?

    Ultimately, you’ll have two options at the end of the day. If you are one of those who values ​​the best possible graphics, then the fidelity mode will be the best, and more specifically the 40 FPS one. If you have a 120Hz TV, this is your best overall option. It gives you a very good combination of graphics and frame rate.

    If that’s not an option for you, then it all comes down to your personal preference. Performance mode will give you a smooth 60 FPS, while Fidelity drops it to 30 FPS but provides better visuals. It varies from person to person, so find out if you value graphics or frame rate more. Insomniac created a good experience no matter what you choose, so it’s hard to go wrong.

    There are a few additional settings to turn on and off, such as Motion Blur and Film Grain. Both have no impact on performance and will only depend on whether you like the way they look or not. Chromatic aberration and depth of field are also some settings you can change. Chromatic aberration will allow you to adjust colors as you see fit, while depth of field will allow you to adjust blur on distant objects. Personal preference also applies to both.

    Full screen effects mean that your screen will start to turn red when you are low on health, and if that bothers you, you can turn it off. You’ll just have to keep a better eye on your health bar if you disable it.

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