How to Level Up Quickly in Starstruck Vagabond


    By now you should know how to pilot your spaceship like a pro, so it’s time to prove it by leveling up as if your life depended on it (and it does). Read on to find out how those in the know do it. Be careful, it’s going to get dirty.

    The trick to level up quickly in Starstruck Vagabond

    This is going to seem like a feat. Hell, it could be quite a feat. But the way I see it, if you’re going to start losing health as soon as your stamina runs out, then it behooves you to gain as much stamina and health as you can as quickly as possible and by any means necessary. If you have to modify the game mechanics to do it, so be it.

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    First, take your ship to open space away from any planets and open the system map in the command console. You’re looking for dust clouds and any will do. Make sure you don’t have any mechanical or life support problems. Just do a spot inspection and make sure nothing needs to be repaired or cleaned. Once you’re done, point the ship toward the heart of the dust cloud and participate.

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    Good sense and prudence would tell you not to fly through the cloud, it would also tell you not to aim your craft at as many individual dust clouds as you can. To hell with good sense and prudence, we are leveling! He flies through as many as you can. Don’t worry, everything will be clear.

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    This is the warning symbol that appears when dust begins to clog vital ship equipment. When you start seeing them appear, you know you’re doing it right. The more you see, the better. Pass through the cloud of dust, exit into open space and stop.

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    Your ship should now be flooded with these blue symbols. That’s your cue to get out the ionic cleaner and start cleaning the components for all they’re worth. You’ll find that most of the dirt was trapped in your air cyclers and reserve coolant tank, but it doesn’t hurt to check everything. Because guess what, for every speck of dirt you clean from the systems, you’ll earn XP.

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    Don’t forget to dress and perform an EVA on the outside of the helmet. There are some systems up there that could be full of gray gold. The debris is most likely hiding in the ram blade assembly, but there is always the power generator and impulse motor as well.

    Now everything is clean and there is only one thing left to do: turn your ship around and do it all again from the other side of the cloud. You’ll have maximum stamina and health before you know it.

    If you’re not ready to start leveling up and just want to get the warp drive going, check out how to power your ship in Starstruck Vagabond on MyFullGames now.

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