How to complete the character doors quest in Roblox The Classic


    Character Doors is one of the most difficult quests to complete during the Roblox The Classic event. Therefore, here is a detailed guide on how to complete this challenge and earn the event rewards.

    How to finish the Roblox The Classic Character Doors mission

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    The main goal of the character door quest is find a secret snow salon and pick up the token. This secret room is hidden in the basement of the Roblox The Classic hub.

    To get started, start the game and head to the race checkpoint flag near your generation area. I also added an image above for your convenience. Once you’re there, simply jump into the hole, right next to the checkpoint flag, and you’ll find yourself on a mini race track.

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    At this point, simply turn left from the karts, where you will find a secret door with different Roblox characters engraved on it. Now, if you are a Roblox veteran, you can easily solve this puzzle and access the room.

    But if you can’t find the solution, you can open the doors by writing the following words in the correct sequence:

    • builder
    • Shedletsky
    • Clockwork
    • Telamon
    • 1x1x1x1

    There are a total of five barriers and it is important to note that they disappear after a few seconds once you enter the unlock code. So make sure you overcome each barrier quickly; Otherwise, you will have to repeat the entire process again.

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    After clearing all five stages, you will find yourself in the snow hall where you can collect the token and complete the character doors quest in Roblox The Classic.

    Unfortunately, you will have to re-enter all of the aforementioned words. in reverse order if you want to leave this room. Alternatively, I suggest you restart the game if you want to save your valuable time.

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