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    If you’re stuck in Hooktail Castle in the remake of Paper Mario: the Thousand-Year Door, it can be difficult to figure out how to get all the items you’ll need to progress. It is imperative to ensure that you do not miss any elements in order to overcome this challenging section.

    Hooktail Castle Walkthrough – Paper Mario TTYD

    There are a few key things to remember when trying Hooktail Castle for the first time. You will need to use Koop’s power several times. You’ll also need to keep an eye out for all sorts of items, including a very useful badge.

    Outside Hooktail Castle

    After completing Thwomp’s trivia challenge and grabbing Koops, you can finally head to Hooktail Castle in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. As you walk towards the main gate of the castle, you will see that the bridge has been removed.

    Jump over the edge of the broken bridge and there will be platforms below. If you take all those platforms to the right, there will be a Badge that Koops can pick up for you. This is the HP Plus Badgeand it’s an extremely useful badge, especially if you have more than one.

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    Next, go back left, go up the stairs and return to the outer wall of the castle. Inside is a jumping platform, half hidden behind a pole. Jump to the second floor, then exit to find a airplane panel. Use it to turn into a paper airplane and then float to the door across the broken bridge. Enter using the huge purple door to proceed to the next section.

    Hooktail Castle First Floor

    In the first room, there are stairs to go back up to another panel to turn into a plane and return to the bridge, so you can ignore those stairs for now. A little further into the room, there is a box with Power Bounce inside. Head into the next room on the right.

    There will be a green key in the second room, hidden behind bars, but you can’t get it yet. There is also a breakable tile that you also cannot interact with yet near the green key. When you get far enough into the room, Koops will start a cutscene. Tell him to read the note. He’ll give you a hint on how to easily defeat the bait: it’s something that starts with “f” and ends with “rog.”

    There will be opaque bones tinted pink at the end of the room, and you won’t be able to get through the door without walking past it. When you hit it, a bunch of bone enemies will appear; You’ll have to hammer your way through and then knock down the pink bones in battle.

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    In this third room there are a lot of things to do. You will have several elevators, several blocks and three objects to collect. To make sure you get everything, here’s a helpful checklist for this location:

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    • Use the purple elevator button under the exit door to take the purple elevator down, then use Koops to ride the purple elevator up. Head right to get the Star Shard from the balcony.
    • Use the hammer to smash the yellow block on the yellow elevator.
    • Make sure the purple elevator and yellow elevator are in the down position for the next part.
    • Use Koops’ power to prepare to press the yellow elevator button, then use the purple elevator to jump to the yellow elevator, then release Koops’ power to go up.
    • Jump left and get the Star Shard.
    • Next, you’ll want to grab the red key. To do this, you must use Koops’ power to press the red button with the exclamation point.
    • When the stairs change sides, go up the stairs and then use Koops again to pick up the red key.
    • Replace the stairs and then exit through the door on the right to the next section.
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    After using the red key on the red key door, you will end up on the grand staircase of Hooktail Castle. Inside this first room, there is a green elevator. You can ignore this for now and continue moving to the right. You’ll be back at the Grand Staircase soon, so don’t worry about doing anything here yet.

    Hooktail Castle First Floor, Part 2

    There is a red button with an exclamation point that opens the cell on the far right of the screen. Use Koops’ holding power to hit him while you’re near the jail door; You only have a couple of seconds to enter once the bars are up. Once inside this cell, exit through the hole in the wall to the right. This room contains a black chestwhich will give you the power to turn sideways.

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    To open this chest, you will need to continue heading to the right and enter the spike trap room. The spike trap won’t activate until you open the chest, so don’t worry about walking over the holes in the floor. If you check the far right of this room, there is a crack in the wall that you can’t interact with yet. Open the chest to get the black key.and then find your way out of the spike maze before time runs out.

    The spikes won’t hurt you, so quickly walk back to the door to the left of the chest. So, Open the back of your chest for lateral twisting power.. Use it to go back left and exit the cell.

    Use it on the cell phone with the plate inside; This is the frog sound badge. Equip it immediately, as is. The weakness of the hook. She then returns to the room where the dull pink bones were located and takes out the green key from the cells along the back wall. Now that we have the green key, we can take the elevator up the Grand Staircase of Hooktail Castle to the second floor.

    Hooktail Castle Floor 2

    There will be a long balcony with landings on the second floor. Use the exclamation button, with either Koops or Mario’s hammer, to tear the paper in those spaces and reveal the floor to cross. There will be a second gap; You can only reach the second button with Koops.

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    The third section is empty. It doesn’t have a buttonthen you will have to jump out the window behind you. Head all the way to the right to get the Star Shard, then all the way to the left. Jump back to the window on the other side of the gap. Exit through the door on the left. In this room, there is a green elevator to go up. Climb to the top using Koops’ power, then head left.

    When you are standing near the door without the lock, jump off the rear. This will take you to the small ledge with the collectible. Sneak between the bars and catch the mushroom; This is one of the mushrooms of life that revives a dead character.

    Hooktail Castle Floor 3

    Go back to the open door and enter. This will trigger a cutscene with Mrs. Mowz. She took out a badge from one of the many treasure chests, but she left all the others for you to open. In them, you’ll get a mushroom, honey syrup, and the golden key to the other door on Floor 3. Don’t forget to pick up the Star Shine while you’re here too.

    Enter the Golden Door now that you have the Golden Key. Inside, you will find an elevator block that you can ride up. Take it to the top, then walk left until you find a airplane panel. Walk across the panel to the shelf at the back of the room. Turn it to the right until you find the star piece.

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    Use the plane panel to fly to the floating door and then interact with the door. You will find yourself on a new Grand Staircase. If you go down the stairs, you will find an elevator with a blue key On the other hand. Use Koops to lower the elevator, then use Koops again to collect the key.

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    Jump to the top of the now lowered elevator and then grab the badge there. Use the pipe on the right side of the screen to instantly return to the floor above. Now that you have the blue key, you can open the Door with blue key. This will take you outside to the castle wall. Head left and then climb the spiral tower of Hooktail Castle.

    Battle of Hooktail at Hooktail Castle

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    Now that we’ve reached the top, be sure to save your game and use the heart box to recharge your health and other things. If you have the frog badge equipped, Hooktail will do much less damage to you. Your attack will be reduced from five to two. Hooktail will breathe fire, but it will be incredibly easy with the frog badge on.

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    Once you have her down and she is almost dead, Hooktail will offer you money, treasure, and other things. Always reject it. It’s a trick every time. Once you’ve fought her off enough, she’ll be cured of her and you’ll have to keep fighting her. In a couple of hits, she will fall for good.

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