How to increase your carry capacity in Witcher 3


    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is a massive open world RPG where you play as Geralt of Rivia. CD Projekt Red has added new Netflix-themed content to the game in the Next Gen update. Geralt will be sent across the continent to find Ciri and defeat the monsters. Geralt has a limited inventory capacity which can hinder his experience if he carries too many goods. Here’s how to increase the carry capacity of him in Witcher 3.

    How to increase your carrying capacity in Witcher 3?

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    To increase Geralt’s carrying capacity, you must Equip Saddlebags for Roach. Geralt’s default carrying capacity is only 60 units, which fill up very easily on his journey. Saddlebags for Roach are usually provided as a reward for completing horse races in Velen, Novigrad, or Skellige.

    The best saddlebags you can buy early in the game are the Nilfgaardian saddlebags on raven hanger which will provide a maximum inventory weight of 70. The merchant here will sell you the saddlebags for 320 crowns.

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    What are the best saddlebags in Witcher 3?

    The best saddlebags for Roach are the Beauclair saddlebags, which provide a maximum inventory weight of 110. The Beauclair saddlebags were added with the Blood and Wine expansion. These saddlebags can be found at the Toussaint Tourney Grounds Gunsmith. Toussaint is a high level area of ​​Witcher 3, and it is not recommended to start this questline until at least level 35.

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