How to fix ‘running multiple game instances’ error in Wuthering Waves


    When I first tried to start Wuthering Waves, the game performed an update and asked to restart. When the game reloaded, I received an error message saying: “It has been detected that you are running multiple instances of the game, the program is about to terminate normally.” The problem is that I only had the game open and running once. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to fix this problem.

    Wuthering Waves game multiple instance bug, explained

    To fix this error, simply close the game launcher completely and then reopen it on your PC. When I did this, I was able to launch the game correctly and log into my account. From then on, you will be able to continue playing or, if you are starting for the first time, you will have to choose between the male or female MC.

    This error appears to occur as a result of the game performing an update. For some reason, when the game restarts, it thinks that the first instance hasn’t closed, so the second instance shows this error message. Until you close the launcher and reopen it, this will continue to appear.

    It’s an annoying problem, but luckily there’s an easy solution to get back into action with Chixia, Baizhi, and Jianxin.

    Wuthering Waves players have also encountered other bugs, such as the ‘Line 258 Fatal Error’ that prevents players from even accessing the game from the title screen. The longer the game is available, the fewer error codes and glitches players should encounter as developer Kuro Games manages to diagnose and resolve them. If you are having more issues, you can follow our guide on how to report a bug in Wuthering Waves to help the developer fix it faster.

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