What is the strange piece of amber in BG3 for?


    During the Blood of Lathander quest in Baldur’s Gate 3, players can find a mysterious item: a Strange piece of amber. Since it is a unique item and has the word “strange” in its name, it naturally arouses suspicion and interest. But is it of any use?

    Strange location of the piece of amber in Baldur’s Gate 3

    A rare piece of amber can be found inside the Y’llek Nursery of Rosymorn Monastery. In the Inquisitor’s room, there is a sample case right in front of two statues (X:1338Y:-661); If you loot it, you will find the strange piece of amber.

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    How to use a strange piece of amber in BG3

    I thought the item was going to come into play eventually, perhaps as part of a crafting recipe, but the truth is the piece of amber. It’s just a decoy and has no use.. It was placed in the display case as a red herring, to fool the thieves and prevent them from finding the true Blood of Lathander. In fact, after passing a religious check when I picked up the piece of amber, Shadowheart said, “Is this Lathander’s blood? A little disappointing for a relic.” Since it has no uses, you can sell it for 55 gold pieces.

    However, once you’ve picked it up, the quest log will update and will now say: “A fake artifact was disguised as Lathander’s Blood. We should continue searching for the real relic.” Now you will have to solve the puzzle of the two statues right next to the display case. Hint: If they get stuck, you can use a grease spell to get them moving again.

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