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    Ultra Skills, the rare and coveted pinnacle of power in Type Soul, are the ultimate game-changers in PvP battles. If you are a player eager to take advantage of this exclusive and deadly ability for your character, this guide is the key to success.

    How to get Ultra Skills in Type Soul

    To answer the burning question, you can’t get Ultra Skills in Type Soul through regular stat points or skill boxes. Instead, the only way to obtain Ultra Skills is by grinding (mainly through clan wars and AFK World Grinding).

    clan wars

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    To start a clan war in Type Soul, first, join a clan. Then navigate to the clan wars option under special section in the main menu. Remember, only clan leaders can start a war. If you urgently need the Ultra Skills skill, approach your leader and propose a war or start a clan. You can easily create one by paying 200K toward Clan creator NPC inside the building near the main bridge to Karakura Town. He participates in Clan Wars constantly; You will eventually unlock Ultra Skills as a reward.

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    In Clan Wars, strategic teamwork is vital. Stick with your teammates and avoid venturing into enemy territory alone, as individual players can be quickly defeated. Opt for team-friendly builds that prioritize healing skills and team buffing skills over damage-oriented skills, as this is a team war, not a PvP battle.

    AFK Agriculture

    Getting Ultra Skills using AFK farming in Type Soul is completely based on luck. Open the game and click AFK World in the main menu to earn amazing rewards through AFK farming. It is rare to get one and I recommend it only if you have no other means.


    While trading with other players can be a viable option, it is essential to exercise caution. Be on the lookout for potential scammers on the Discord Channel and only place a trade if you have complete trust in the person.

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    How to get a U rating in Type Soul

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    Ultra Skills can only be activated after increasing your Soul style Metro to You classification. Enable the soul style meter from the boy Section below the skill tree; You will immediately notice a meter on the right side of the screen that tracks your m1 combos. Perform M1 combos to increase soul meter from a simple d to SSS and finally a U rating.

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    Achieving U ranking typically requires 20 to 30 M1 combinations. Once you reach U rating, you will be able to release the Ultra Skill multiple times using the You either DPAD up button. Currently, only the black flash The ability for Hakuda Builds is available. However, the developers have assured us that they will soon introduce more abilities for each version.

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