How to get the skull shell in another crab’s treasure


    If you’re like me and can’t stop playing until you’ve gotten every shell in the game, especially one as cool as the Skull shell, then check out how to get it in Another Crab Treasure below.

    Where to find the skull shell in another crab’s treasure

    To find the skull shell in Another Crab’s Treasure, you must first reach Curdled Town. If you have already been through this and fought Heikea, you can use your shellport Umami skill and go to the Town gates. However, if this is your first time traversing it, I suggest you ignore as many enemies as you can until you reach the top of the hill.

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    You have to kill the spider crab so that it releases the shell of the skull. However, you will also have to fight against hammerhead crab since it will continue to attack you. I suggest dealing with the hammerhead crab first, where the sniper crab can’t see you, or you could get impaled by a skewer when you least expect it.

    While the Sniper Crab isn’t officially a boss, it definitely has a lot more health than normal enemies and will deal a lot of damage to you. try to get it fall from the viewpoint so you have more space to work.

    I suggest using a healing shell, such as the Yoccult shell, to give yourself enough time to defeat the crab. If it breaks, just run and grab one of the cascadia rolls that are found in the area. If you already have it, I suggest you use the Adaptation of Mantis Punch to cause a lot of damage to the spider. Be careful because it will also use melee attack you if you get too close.

    One important thing is that you pick up the shell as soon as the spider dies and he releases it. Don’t leave and come back to find it, as it will disappear. Since this is a battle you can only have once, you basically won’t be able to get a shell and complete the game 100%.

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