Jackbox is the first M-rated game in the Naughty Pack series.


    Jackbox Party Packs have always allowed adult-themed reactions, but have never been requested or directly encouraged by the games themselves. For those who want more. Adult Experience, Jackbox Games is finally making your wish come true, as it announced the Jackbox Naughty Pack, a new three-game release that promises spicy hints and dirty fun later this year. Is.

    We don’t know what kind of games will be included, but Jackbox Games teases “spicy surprises and maybe some familiar faces.” Does it tease a new, mature theme that you don’t know Jack? Will we get more dirty iterations on some classic Jackbox titles? Or will it be all new games that happen to include some favorite characters from past games? Unfortunately, for now, Jackbox games are being teased by Jackbox Naughty Pack content.

    However, the studio did release a teaser trailer, which you can watch right here. Here. The Jackbox Naughty Pack will arrive sometime this year, and Jackbox Games promises more details this summer.


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