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    Bee Swarm Simulator is one of the most popular Roblox games available with its cute bees, fun quests and adventures, and the ability to grow and expand your hive as much as possible. Not only do you need to collect pollen to make honey, but you will also need some special coins such as tickets to get other unique things. Tickets are a bit more difficult to collect than honey, but there are different activities you can do to earn some more quickly. That’s how.

    How to get tickets quickly in Bee Swarm Simulator

    complete missions

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    One of the best ways to earn tickets quickly is to complete quests for bears around the world. Seeing a big exclamation point in front of them means that they have a quest available for you. This can be any type of task, such as collecting a specific type of pollen or making honey. After completing the tasks, return to the same bear to receive your reward. You almost always get a ticket or tickets, along with other beneficial rewards.

    Fight against the mobs

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    Another good way to earn tickets faster is to fight mobs. Mobs are creatures that can hurt you, but often drop valuable items and even tickets. You can earn some quick rewards if you go and take out each one. The bosses are more difficult to defeat, but will guarantee even more significant prizes and more ticket chances.

    earn badges

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    Badges are similar to quests, but can take a bit longer to achieve. However, they do award the most tickets once you complete them. These badges are awarded to you for reaching various achievements while playing the game, such as completing a specific number of quests or achieving a major honey goal. You can pick them up directly through the Badge menu, and they usually give you five tickets each time.

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    Buy them with Robux

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    The most instant way to earn tickets is to buy them with Robux. In it Commerce On the tab, you will find several ticket options that you can purchase with your Robux balance. Although this method isn’t for everyone, it is one of the fastest ways to win sizable amounts of tickets without the added hassle. Remember, Robux costs real money, so if you don’t have that to spend, don’t worry, there are other methods that are more suitable for you.

    use codes

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    Probably the other best instant method to earn tickets is to enter codes. The codes are absolutely free to use and are provided by the developers to help you get the necessary items that can give you a head start on the experience. You can enter them under the Settings tab, which is labeled promotional codes. You can win up to five tickets with one code, so don’t miss out!

    These are just a few ways to quickly earn tickets in Bee Swarm Simulator, but there are many other methods. Keep an eye out for special boosts and rare events like ticket generators that can give you better chances of collecting more of them.

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