Minecraft 1.20 Release Date News and Features



    Minecraft has received numerous updates over the years, adding new features. These vary between updates, but can include mobs, skins, blocks, and more. With the upcoming 1.20 update, you might be wondering what is coming to Minecraft in the 1.20 update.

    Everything that comes in the Minecraft 1.20 update

    Despite not having an official name, Minecraft 1.20 will add many new features, including skins, a new mob, and new building blocks. Here is everything that was added in the 1.20 update for Minecraft.


    A new mob is coming to Minecraft 1.20, and that’s the camel. This desert creature is the perfect mount for traversing large, sandy biomes, as it has a dash function that allows you to jump rivers if timed correctly. They will also prevent some mobs from attacking you and give you much-needed security. Be sure to feed them cacti to say thank you, and you might even get a baby camel.


    Image via Mojang

    A lot of default skins will come in Minecraft 1.20 and will be available on November 29, 2022. These skins are Makena, Efe, Noor, Kai, Ari, Sunny, and Zuri. Some of these are recognizable from various trailers, and the addition of these skins helps shape the narrative of Minecraft.


    While bamboo is already in Minecraft, players will have more options on what they can do with it. Update 1.20 will allow players to craft various things out of bamboo, including planks, doors, trapdoors, and rafts. Rafts will function similar to ships, but will have a more open look.

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    hanging signs

    Unleash your decorative side with hanging signs. These can be built in a number of ways depending on which block the sign is hanging from. Those who have been looking to create their perfect marketplace will have a whole new way to advertise their stores.

    chiseled bookshelves

    What may seem like a small addition is actually a big deal in chiseled shelving. These will give much-needed variety to libraries and charming rooms. You can also use redstone to create secret entrances, as redstone is compatible with chiseled bookshelves.

    When is the Minecraft 1.20 update release date?

    There is no official release date for the Minecraft 1.20 update, but we do know that it should arrive in late January 2023. Minecraft Update 1.20 Snapshot 22W42A came out in October 2022, a few days after Minecraft Live 2022. You can see for yourself by watching minecraft live or reading the resume.

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