All the Grendel Prime relics in Warframe and how to get them


    The infamous Grendel is the newest Warframe to get a Prime variant, and as with any Prime, you’ll need to farm relics to catch him. Farming relics for Prime components is one of the biggest tasks in Warframe, but the reward is well worth it. So where can you farm Grendal Prime relics? That’s a good question, and fortunately, I have the answer.

    Where to farm Grendal Prime relics in Warframe

    As a Prime Warframe, you must obtain the necessary relics for four of Grindel Prime’s components before you can begin farming him. Here are the relics needed for each component and where you can find them:

    Component Relic Rarity Best farm location
    Grendel Prime Blueprint Lith G8 Strange Hepit (vacuum capture)
    Grendel Prime chassis plan Neo S18 Rare Ukko (Void Capture)
    Grendel Prime Systems Plan Axi G11 Strange Apollo (Lua disruption)
    Grendel Prime Neuroptic Blueprint MesoB8 Common Ukko (Void Capture)

    As you run these quests, keep in mind that you’ll probably get relics that you’re not necessarily looking for. However, the reason they are best for farming is because of how quickly they can be completed. Use a fast Warframe that can quickly navigate each level and you can easily finish a run in a minute or two. Each completion rewards a relic, so this is as efficient as possible.

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    How to farm Grendal Prime in Warframe

    Once you have your relics, it’s time for the main show. To get started, go to Navigation screen of your Orbiter. From here, you want to select empty fissures at the top of the screen and then choose which rift mission you want to do. You want to select rift quests that reflect the name of the relic you want to use. So if you are trying to get the Grendel Prime Blueprintyou want to choose a Lith Void Fissure have a chance to do it.

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    Completing the quest, or a rotation in the case of a never-ending objective, will reward you with one of the potential rewards listed on the relic. Rinse and repeat for each of the Grendel Prime components.

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    How to improve your chances of getting Grendal Prime spare parts

    Farming Primes is a tedious process because you are not guaranteed to get the parts you want just because you do the right quest or use the right relic. Obtaining components is based on odds, but you can sway the odds in your favor by using Traces of the void. Void Traces is a currency earned by completing quests located in the Empty. They can be used to upgrade relics, increasing your chances of receiving one of the rarer rewards listed. You think of them as a kind of soft pity system.

    In the case of Grendel Prime, I recommend using Void Traces in the list lit and axi relics, as those components are rare rewards from the relic itself. Yeah No We recommend using Void Traces on the remaining two components, as upgrading those relics will actually reduces your chances of getting common and uncommon rewards. There is a trade-off, so you have to be careful to remain efficient in your job.

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