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    In the popular, community-oriented and ecommerce-esque experience PLS DONATE, players are invited to create products (including clothing, gamepasses, etc.) and then offer said products to other users in exchange for Robux. Players can purchase various booths to sell their products from, including the one I’ll be discussing in this brief guide—the Make a Wish booth. While equipping different booths doesn’t offer any special bonus or perk, they can make your character stand out and possibly help you bring in some more donations in turn! Continue reading below to learn more about how to unlock this exclusive booth.

    How to unlock the Make a Wish booth in PLS DONATE

    To unlock the Make a Wish booth in PLS DONATE, you’ll need to enter the Make a Wish! experience, wish for a booth, and then fill your booth’s tip jar. When you’re ready, spawn into Make a Wish! and type booth in the chat box. Doing so will cause a PLS DONATE booth to appear in front of you.

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

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    Click the green play button to spawn your tip jar, and then type robux into the chat box to fill it with in-game money. Once your tip jar is full, you’ll automatically unlock the Make a Wish booth in PLS DONATE and the PLS DONATE! 💰 badge in Make a Wish!. That’s all there is to it!

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

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