Tortoise and the Hare – Phasmophobia Challenge of the Week (August 2023)



    It sounds strange to associate tortoise and hare with Phasmophobia and ghosts, but there is an explanation. While it sounds odd, everything is more apparent if you remember the turtle and rabbit race fable. It’s all about the speed, but this time roles are switched, and you’re the faster one! Here’s everything you need to know about Tortoise and the Hare Phasmophobia Challenge of the Week.

    How to complete Tortoise and the Hare Challenge – Phasmophobia

    You must identify the ghost’s type to complete the Tortoise and the Hare challenge in Phasmophobia. This can be done by collecting evidence, such as fingerprints, EMF readings, and footprints. Once the ghost’s type has been identified, you must follow the ritual to banish the ghost. The reward for completing the Tortoise and the Hare Phasmophobia Weekly challenge is $3000 and experience.

    What is Tortoise and the Hare – Phasmophobia Challenge of the Week?

    Phasmophobia weekly challenge
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    In this week’s Tortoise and the Hare Phasmophobia challenge, ghosts are much slower than you, like in the fable. While it sounds great that you’re faster, remember who wins (hint: not rabbit). Here are the rules of the challenge:

    1. The specter moves at 75% of its standard ghost speed in Phasmophobia.
    2. Players enjoy an increased pace of movement, clocking in at 125% of their normal speed.
    3. All three pieces of evidence are obtainable.
    4. All equipment is available, except for bad flashlights.

    Tips & Tricks for Tortoise and the Hare – Phasmophobia Weekly Challenge

    I’ve completed Tortoise and the Hare weekly challenge by sticking to these strategies:

    • Ghosts are slow in this challenge, so take your time and explore the house thoroughly.
    • Collect as much evidence as possible to identify ghost types easily.
    • While the ghosts are slow but still dangerous and can beat you, just like in the fable!

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