How to destroy Bullet Barnacles in Genshin Impact



    Bullet Barnacles are dangerous sea mechanisms that live in Fontaine’s underwater region. They fire Energy bolts to unsuspecting players, making them a nuisance in exploration. Luckily, these pesks generally don’t appear in the open world. You’ll usually encounter them when completing an underwater Time Trial Challenge.

    Before starting, make sure you’re familiar with Genshin Impact’s underwater mechanics—including how to absorb skills from marine creatures.

    Genshin Impact Bullet Barnacles guide

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    To destroy Bullet Barnacles, you first need to absorb the Xenochromatic Armored Crab’s ability. It claims to be a crab, but it actually looks like a little slug. You can tell from the icon on top of its head, which looks like a spiky shield. I recommend doing this before starting the Time Trial.

    If you’re not sure how to absorb skills, do the following:

    1. Press and hold the Normal Attack button, targeting the Armored Crab.
    2. Release to absorb its skill.

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    To destroy the Bullet Barnacles, you need to attack them using the Armored Crab’s skill. Press and hold the Elemental Skill button, making sure that the target icon at the center of the screen is aligned with the Bullet Barnacle. Release the Elemental Skill button to attack the Barnacle with the Crab’s skill, destroying it.

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