All trophies and achievements in Another Crab’s Treasure


    Another Crab’s Treasure is a Souls-like indie game that is full of different achievements. If you hope to enjoy this colorful game 100%, you’ll need to know what you’re getting into.

    List of Another Crab’s Treasure achievements

    There are a total of 33 achievements or trophies in Another Crab’s Treasure. For a breakdown of how to get each one, you can check out the sections below. They are divided on how those trophies can be achieved.

    All trophies for defeating bosses in Another Crab’s Treasure

    Image via Aggro Crab

    There are a handful of achievements that require defeating a boss. These are twenty of the total of 33 achievements in Another Crab’s Treasure.

    • captain of the guard: Defeated Nephro.
    • Contaminated Platoon Pathfinder: Defeated the contaminated Pathfinder platoon.
    • Slacktide Tyrant: Defeated the Duchess.
    • real shell breaker: You defeated the Royal Shellsplitter.
    • Curd Carbonara Connoisseur: You defeated the connoisseur of curdled carbonara.
    • Bullying Crab: Defeated Heikea.
    • Guardian of the Grove: Defeated Topoda.
    • Ceviche Sisters: You defeated the Ceviche Sisters.
    • Sunken sludge roller: Defeated the Sinking Sludge Roller.
    • The Consortium: Defeated the Consortium.
    • sick lichenthrope: You defeated the sick lichenthrope.
    • the voracious: Defeated Pagurus.
    • The accumulator: Defeated Voltai.
    • Risk Crabitalist: Defeated Roland.
    • The false moon: Defeated Petroch.
    • crab hunter: Defeated Inkerton.
    • The whitewashed king: Defeated Camtscha.
    • Camtscha, reborn: Defeated Camtscha for the second time.
    • The agony of the ocean: Defeated Praya Dubia.
    • waste avatar: Defeated Firth.

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    All Story mission achievements in Another Crab’s Treasure

    Image via Aggro Crab

    Five of the achievements have to do with completing aspects of the story. This list includes the achievement for completing the game, completing each of the Paths, and beginning the Treasure Hunt.

    • Finishing what I started: Recover your shell.
    • Path of the predator: Completed the Path of the Predator.
    • Way of the true crab: You have completed the Path of the True Crab.
    • Hermit’s Path: Completed the Hermit’s Path.
    • The hunt begins!: The treasure hunt begins.

    Other achievements in Another Crab’s Treasure

    Image via Aggro Crab

    The remaining eight achievements focus on upgrading different aspects of your crab fighter, finding hidden items, and collecting all the other trophies in Another Crab’s Treasure.

    • Make it shine: Upgrade your fork to its full potential.
    • Well adapted– Learn all adaptations.
    • shell finder: Try all the projectiles in the game.
    • In good grip: Buy some shell insurance.
    • You fell: Falls and dies for the first time.
    • like shells: Find the helmet of a certain hero.
    • This kills the crab: Shoot a crab with a gun.
    • Totally carcinized: Get all the trophies!

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