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    Saber V2 is one of the most sought after swords in King Legacy due to its incredible moveset and massive damage. If you are on a mission to become the best swordsman in the game, you are in the right place. Here, I will explain how to get Saber V2 in King Legacy.

    How to get Saber V2 in King Legacy

    To get Saber V2 in King Legacy, you must defeat the expert level swordsmen in the first sea to obtain the Saber and then upgrade it to the V2 version.

    Get the saber sword

    Gonna stone sand, a small piece of land between Rocks Island and War Island, in the first sea. Here you will find Shanks, the so-called expert-level swordsman, in the center of the arena. He generates every 4 to 5 hours, and it is best to monitor the server notification bar to see a message like “A mysterious swordsman has appeared“to know your arrival.

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    The good news is that it is not that difficult to defeat. You can easily defeat him if you have something like the Smoke or Light fruit. Make sure to evade his advancing moves and you’ll be good to go. Fight and defeat him to get the Saber sword in King Legacy.

    Saber Sword update to version V2

    Next is to upgrade your sword to get V2. To do this, two criteria must be met.

    • Acquire 2 million reward: Keep grinding and defeating high level reward bosses in all seas to increase your reward. My favorites are Anubis/Tundra in the Second Sea and the Dragon Raid boss in the Third Sea.
    • reach the third sea: Reach level 4000 and complete a small quest offered by the Squid at the Viridian docks, which revolves around defeating the Kraken Tentacles.

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    Once you have met both criteria, you will be able to go to the Castle POI in the middle of the map in the Third Sea. Here, go to the back of the castle to find an NPC called Unearthly Guardian. He will ask you to defeat the Mr. Saber boss inside the castle. The fight will be challenging. I recommend bringing some friends and equipping fruits like Mass either Magma to know the gross damage figures. Also, quickly follow the marker to find the boss’s location inside the castle.

    After defeating the boss, return to the Unearthly Guardian. He will now demand two more items.

    • x5 water gems
    • x1 Kraken Cache
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    For the Aqua Gems, you must meet an NPC called smith tide gem in the middle of the castle grounds on the Third Sea. Here you will find it on the outer walls of the castle building. Interact with it to create Aqua Gems; You will need the following materials to make an Aqua Gem.

    • x10 corals – Kill the fugitive to get rewards
    • x10 Shark Fins – Kill any NPC on Fishman Island.
    • x50 marine artifacts – Kill the deep divers and deep villagers.
    • x3 pearls – Eliminate Fugitive to get Pearl as a reward.

    Kraken Cache should already be in your inventory after defeating the Kraken Tentacles, the core quest required to enter the Third Sea. Once you provide both items in the required quantities, Unearthly Guardian will automatically upgrade your Saber to Saber V2.

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