Fu Xuan vs Aventurine Which preservation unit should you choose in Honkai Star Rail?


    It’s practically a requirement, in Honkai: Star Rail, to have some units in your character roster that can preserve your team(s). With the introduction of Adventurine, the inevitable question of whether you should appeal to him or Fu Xuan is one I can answer here.

    Should you go for Fu Xuan or Aventurine in Honkai Star Rail?

    The truest answer to this potentially mind-numbing question is quite simplistic, as it depends on the status of your Honkai: Star Rail account. You need two teams to complete all Honkai: Star Rail content, which means you also need two limited Abundance or Preservation characters. If you already have two of any of the categories, you should not go for either, as it is better to use your Stellar Jades elsewhere. If you’re considering going with Fu Xuan or Aventurine regardless of your account status, then the answer is a little more complicated.

    You should take out Aventurine and Fu Xuan if you don’t already have at least two support characters on your account. You should support Fu Xuan if you favor its secondary benefits similar to Harmony. You should look into Aventruine if you want a sustainer that is able to deliver solid, secondary damage.

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    Both characters are great at holding down your team no matter what team they’re on, and they’re quite competitive at that job. However, they do have nuanced cases where you may want to opt for one or the other. Let me break it down for you.

    How does Fu Xuan support his team?

    Fu Xuan protects your team by giving them the Matrix of Prescience buff, which greatly reduces the damage your team takes. A portion of the damage that goes through damage reduction is redirected to Fu Xuan herself, making the entire team very durable as long as the aforementioned buff remains active. This is an incredibly powerful upgrade and is the only reason why Fu Xuan is so sought after by almost every team.

    However, it has a major weakness. Large amounts of damage can easily overwhelm Fu Xuan when that damage is taken by multiple members of his team. In difficult content like Simulated Universe: Golden Gears, it is not uncommon to see Fu Xuan die in a single attack, due to him absorbing too much damage. However, in content like Forgotten Hall and Pure Fiction, she is more than enough to sustain your teams.

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    How does Aventruine support your team?

    Aventurine protects your team by providing large shields that automatically restore at a constant rate. When he uses his Skill, he applies an additional application of his shield to your entire team at the same time. He also applies another application of his shield each time. activates his follow-up attack. Shields in Honkai: Star Rail act as effective health, meaning it is effectively “healing” your team whenever one of its shield apps is activated. This provides an extremely convenient and economical method of maintaining your equipment.

    However, as with Fu Xuan, there is a significant weakness. Aventurine shields provide effective health, not actual healing, so if a teammate takes health damage, that damage is permanent. Additionally, if enemies deal damage that exceeds your shield’s total effective health, your team will eventually be weakened if the fight lasts too long. Fu Xuan can provide minor healing to his team, while Aventurine cannot, which is something you should consider. Fortunately, like Fu Xuan, situations where damage of this caliber can occur are rare and usually only found in advanced stages of the Simulated Universe.

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