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    Getting additional items is always intriguing, especially if you have to solve a puzzle to unlock a treasure room. So, try to find clues for Miasma Chronicles keyboard codes on your own and if you get stuck, we’ve got your back!

    List of all Miasma Chronicles keyboard codes

    To unlock the special rooms with rewards in Miasma Chronicles, you must enter the three-digit codes using the keyboard. He The code is usually hidden in plain sight., usually near the closed area. For example, a clue is how many times the light on an old panel on the left with the # symbol flashes. If it takes too long, simply enter Miasma Chronicles keyboard codes from the list below.

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    Area keyboard code
    Democratic Republic of Congo 2-4-5
    Eden 8-6-7
    crocodile zone 2-6-4
    happy hills 7-2-0
    Hydroelectric generator 4-7-6
    Oasis 7-2-3
    skeleton path 6-5-8
    wasteful ruins 5-1-8
    The place of death 3-1-5
    The editor’s file 6-8-1
    The sky whale 6-6-6
    widow mine 1-0-5

    Each area of ​​Miasma Chronicles has a locked room with special items like rare weapons, XP points, health potions, and more. The rewards are very useful, especially if you are playing on a higher difficulty and could use an extra hand. I used the shotgun I found in Gator Zone for a long time and it made playing a lot more fun. Solving puzzles is part of the post-apocalyptic experience, but shooting is still the main solution to your problems.

    If you need more help, you can always resort to cheats, like I did with the Fallout New Vegas console commands. For more guides, check out the guides page at MyFullGames.

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