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    Like other life simulation experiences on Roblox, Roblox club allows players to adopt children and pets to create the family of their dreams while playing the way they prefer. Club Roblox also takes home building to the next level, allowing players to unleash their inner stylist by finding and using tons of different decor and aesthetic options. One of the most popular decorative accessories in this experience is possibly one of the simplest and, despite what many players may believe, can still be unlocked and used at the time of this article’s publication. To learn more about this highly coveted accessory, the pillow, continue reading below.

    How to get a pillow in Club Roblox

    To unlock the cushion accessory in Club Roblox, you will need to purchase it from zooGift shop. To enter the zoo, locate the portal shown below and walk through it.

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Once inside, you should see a large screen on the right labeled Gift Shop; This is where you can buy the cushions.

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    Screenshot of pro game guides

    The giraffe print pillow costs 850 coins and the zebra print pillow costs 990 coins. Both pillows can be customized in color once placed in your home.

    I can finally create the iconic early 2010 hot pink and zebra print bedroom of my dreams!

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