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    Some of the fruits introduced in Haze Piece make other classic fruits look average. With the addition of Dragon, users of older fruits like Magma and Dark have been alerted. Some of these stronger fruits make PvE trivial and players don’t want to encounter these users in PvP at all.

    Tier List for Fruits in Haze Piece – Roblox

    Level Fruit
    Yes Dragon, Phoenix
    TO Magma, Dark, Buddha, Rubber
    b Mammoth, Ice, Smoke, Flame, Electricity, Gravity, Light
    c Operation, Gas, Tremor, Snow, Thread, Sand, Chopped
    d Paw, Kilo, Barrier, Spike, Bomb, Clear, Spin

    All fruits in Haze Piece – Roblox, ranked

    S Level


    One of the most intimidating things in Haze Piece is calmly defeating some bandits and then seeing a Dragon user float into the fray. Not only is the Dragon itself huge, but the AOE of his attacks is also huge. Dragon users can easily spam high-powered moves from a distance.


    This is the only fruit with capabilities on par with Dragon. Phoenix also has huge AOE attacks that are great for taking out bandits. It also comes with a self-healing move, which can be useful for PvP.

    A level


    Players won’t go big with this fruit like Dragon and Phoenix, but Magma’s moves still deal tons of damage. Water Walk is also a good way to get around the map (although flying with a Dragon or Phoenix is ​​easier).


    Dark is still one of the best fruits for PvP. This is mainly due to his Dark Vortex ability, which can attract enemies trying to escape. Once they are drawn back, it is difficult to avoid the raw damage that Dark deals.


    In almost all One piece Roblox inspired game, Buddha is a great fruit to grind. While in Buddha form, players will grow to enormous size. That, in addition to their abilities, allows them to quickly destroy waves of bandits.


    Honestly, rubber itself isn’t the best fruit in the game. The reason it is ranked high is because it allows players to obtain Gear 2 and Gear 4, which can make a player incredibly op.

    Level B


    This might be one of the most popular fruits out there. I personally came across a couple of mammoths during a small session. The appeal of this fruit is clearly the size of both the character and the movements he can use.


    The Ice Fruit offers players many different options in combat. Thanks to Ice Skate, it is a very mobile fruit. It is also ideal for destroying bandits once players unlock the Ice Age ability, which summons ice crystals in a huge AOE.

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    The abilities that come with Smoke may not seem too powerful, but they are all very useful. Specifically, the Tornado can catch many bandits off guard if he lines up correctly. Smoke is also a very available fruit, as it is rare.


    Flame is often considered a less powerful version of Magma, but that doesn’t make it bad in and of itself. Flame still gives players powerful attacks along with a flight ability that works just as well as Magma Flight.


    This fruit can take down enemies quickly. Most of his skills have decent AOE and deal a significant amount of damage. It is also a good fruit for lower level players; Lightning Strike is a great skill and is only unlocked at Fruit level 30.


    Gravity can be quite useful in PvP due to Gravity Push, which can knock back enemies when they are about to use a high damage attack. This fruit doesn’t have a wide range of damaging attacks, but the ones it does have are very punishing (especially Meteor Shower, which does exactly what it sounds like).


    Most of the skills that come with Light Fruit are similar to those in the Electricity kit, so they are ranked at the same level. Light fruit users will be able to bounce around the map while blasting enemies with light-based attacks.

    Level C


    This fruit can be used, but players will really need to beat the levels for it to be useful. Radio Knife is a fantastic ability, but players only get it at Fruit level 150. His other attacks are better for single combat, but not necessarily for hordes of enemies.


    The Gas fruit is good at dealing damage, but many other fruits outperform it. One of his abilities, Gas Mode, increases speed and jumping, but this is hardly necessary in a game where many other fruits have flight.


    This is another fruit that is okay, but becomes really good once the player maxes it out. Quake Tsunami is an incredible ability that hits everything in front of the player with two huge tsunamis. However, this is only unlocked at fruit level 120.

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    As a rare fruit, Snow does not have the amount of abilities that some of the rarer fruits have. That said, it’s a pretty good low-level fruit. Snow Tornado in particular is great for taking out bandits, as it creates a massive wave in front of the player.


    Due to the Sand Fly ability, Sand users will have to rely on only two damage moves for most of the time with the fruit. One of those abilities, Spada, is really only good for hitting what’s directly in front of the player.


    Of all the common fruits, Chop clearly stands out. This is mainly due to his passive, which makes him immune to one-handed sword wielders. Using the Chop fruit can be a quick way to trivialize some bosses that rely on a sword.

    Level D


    Outside of Paw Nuke, the Paw Fruit doesn’t have many AOE abilities to help take out bandits. The overall damage done by the fruit also doesn’t compare to most others.


    There are only three skills in this fruit, and one of them is simply using an umbrella to float. Needless to say, Kilo doesn’t compare to any of the other rare fruits.


    Like most other common fruits, Barrier doesn’t carry many abilities. Some of them deal decent damage, but they are mostly single target.


    Spike has some decent AOE damaging abilities. However, since he only comes with three abilities, most of the rarer fruits outperform him.


    With Bomb Fruit, players can cover a lot of ground and hit many enemies with their wide-range attacks. Unfortunately, a lack of abilities means a lack of damage for this fruit.


    Basically, this fruit is the Invisibility Cloak in Roblox form. It can be fun to dance around enemies that can’t see the player, but this fruit has no offensive abilities.


    Like Clear, Spin has no accompanying offensive abilities. It simply allows players to fly around the map and therefore cannot compete with most of the fruits available.

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