King of Gangs: Idol Mafia is a gangster simulator now available on Android.

    • Take revenge on your father and the rest of your crew.
    • Complete challenges and use a rich farming system.
    • Attract beautiful women and place them.

    Longcher Game has just announced the release of its latest title, King of Gangs: Idol Mafia, a tycoon game for Android. This gangster simulator sees you descend into the criminal underworld as you try to take control of the city. From building alliances to participating in mob wars, you’re on your way to becoming Al Capone himself.

    King of Gangs begins with a tragic backstory for your character. Your father and members of your crew were violently killed in a gang fight, and you somehow ended up in jail. Returning to your abandoned home after years, all the memories come flooding back, and you are filled with rage.

    In search of answers, you go back into the darkness, embarking on a journey to avenge your father. The situation, however, is chaotic as you are surrounded by rebels eager to take what’s left of your territory and business. Get your gang back and set things right again. Once your revenge is complete, you can control the entire city.

    In the simulator, you’ll experience what it’s like to be a gangster on the West Coast, the art style captures it perfectly. The visuals look great as you step into a world full of thugs, beautiful women and luxurious cars. A rich farming system means there are many paths you can take to achieve success, from training your offspring to raising your mounts.

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    The chaotic city is not short of challenges. You should keep expanding your reach and participating in competitions to show who is the real boss. And if the grind gets frustrating, go on a date or ten with some of the most beautiful women in town. Give her gifts, increase your intimacy, and she may just tolerate your heirs.

    Start your thug life by downloading King of Gangs: Idol Mafia now on Google Play. Visit the Facebook Page for more information.


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