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    While there are a couple of characters in Anime Adventures Destination, arguably none of them are as overpowered as Gilgamesh. Decorated entirely in gold, Gilgamesh also has a stunning design. In reality, incorporating it into the game can be a complicated process, but here are all the steps players will need to follow:

    Instructions to get Gilgamesh in Anime Adventures – Roblox

    In the same Anime Adventures update that brought Gilgamesh (Update 17) there is a new map called Mountain Temple. This is a new infinity that players can challenge. Hopefully, they should find a Portal of Destiny. Players should know if they encounter a Portal of Destiny because it will be shiny gold. Entering this portal will take players to a new special challenge where they can obtain Gilgamesh.

    It may seem like a shame that this is all based on RNG, but there is actually a way for players to improve their odds. Update 17 brought several other characters from the Destination anime in the game. If players challenge Mountain Temple with any of these characters, they will earn additional rewards and a higher chance of obtaining Gilgamesh.

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    The new characters of Destination that players can use to get better drops in Mountain Temple are as follows:

    • Lancer
    • Goalkeeper
    • Saber
    • illy
    • medea

    Of course, accumulating all of these units is unrealistic (unless a player has saved all of their gems). Therefore, I recommend going through Mountain Temple with at least two of the above characters. This should be enough to give you a reasonable chance of getting Gilgamesh.

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