All character classes and how to unlock them in Silent Hope


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    All Silent Hope characters have different skills and abilities that they can use during battle. However, in addition to that, you can also change their subclass, allowing them to learn new skills and swap their stats. Each character has two different types of unlockable classes, not including their base class, which not only change their outfit but will practically turn them into a completely new character to experience. Check out all the bonus classes listed below and how you can unlock them!

    All character classes in Silent Hope

    Character Classes
    Beaver Sage: Defensive class that uses stuns and temporary invincibility.
    Summoner: Summons several familiars who can fight at your side.
    Rogue Trickster: Uses area-of-effect attacks and critical hits and changes his dodge to an additional attack.
    ninja: The cunning assassin class that allows you to gain temporary invisibility to hit enemies with critical hits, Kunai for AoE, and restore some HP with occasional hits.
    Warrior hectic: Able to draw enemies in for AoE attacks and recover HP with occasional hits
    Paladin: Can attract enemies, attack with AoE, and even temporarily increase attack power.
    Homeless Homeless: A defense-focused class that can reduce damage and potentially recover HP depending on the damage dealt.
    Adventurous: You can dodge more efficiently, hit enemies with multiple hits with a shield throw, and gain temporary resistances to various ailments.
    Goalkeeper Sharpshooter: A sniper class that specializes in taking down enemies, hitting them with critical attacks, and potentially instilling fear in them.
    Bombing: Also capable of retreating but with additional stun tendencies. This class can also reduce enemy accuracy to prevent damage taken.
    Farmer Geomancer: A triple threat class capable of stunning enemies, pulling them in for damage, or knocking them back to keep them at bay.
    ranger: The ranger uses allied birds to fight at her side, knocking down enemies as necessary and then hitting them with a series of quick attacks.
    Fighter Destroyer: This balanced class can stun enemies, draw them in for AoE damage, and occasionally boost attack and HP after defeating them.
    master battle: With sheer power in mind, this class is all about stunning and performing high-damage attacks, occasionally receiving temporary invincibility while also stunning surrounding enemies.

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    How to change character classes in Silent Hope

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    To change your character’s class, you must return to your base camp and interact with the princess in its Teardrop at the top of the base. Here you can select the Class change option, which will allow you to scroll through all the classes available for your current character or even switch between all characters to see their additional classes as well. If you have the classes unlocked, you can press the button Choose Class to equip it to your current active character.

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    How to unlock character classes in Silent Hope

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    To unlock your additional classes to equip, you will need complete the objective listed in the class description at the top left of the class menu. Typically this will consist of reaching a specific area of ​​the dungeon or reaching a high enough level on that particular character. Once the objective is completed, you will be able to equip the class to the character.

    Different classes for your characters mean a whole new look for them, including a new outfit and new abilities to explore. Some classes are even more powerful than their base class, so you’ll want to try to unlock them all.

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