My Hero Ultra Rumble – How to invite friends


    My Hero Ultra Rumble is an action-packed fighting game based on My Hero Academia, where you can play using the same My Hero Academia characters in Battle Royale style matches with up to eight players. Next I’ll show you how to invite friends to your lobby so you can play together.

    How to play with friends in My Hero Ultra Rumble

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    At first, it may all seem complicated when you don’t really see a separate friends list option or a tab that allows you to simply add friends and invite them. However, in My Hero Ultra Rumble, you will need create a team battle lobby with a Identification code exclusive for your team.

    • Click Team Battle in the right corner of the screen.
    • Choose to create a team.
    • Note the Team ID, which is now displayed on the left side of the screen.

    You can share this ID with any of your friends so they can join your team using the same Team Battle tab, and vice versa.

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    You will need to create a new team every time you start the game, much like a matchmaking session, as it takes some time to match up with players in case you want to queue up with other players.

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