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    Claire’s shimmervilleSimilar to Adopt Me or Livetopia, it is a lifestyle/RPG experience that allows players to adopt adorable pets, buy and customize their own home, work their dream job, and much more. For a limited time, this experience also offers a MeganPlays-themed avatar item that players can collect absolutely free! Please continue reading below for more information on how to unlock this item.

    How to unlock the free Sleepy Honey The Unicorn Backpack avatar item in ShimmerVille

    to get the Sleepy Honey The Unicorn Backpackplayers must complete all five from MeganPlays game missions.

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    Continue reading below for a quick look at how to complete these quests.

    find something shiny

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    To complete this mission, simply enter the mall and look for the Claire’s Pierce and Shimmer Jewelry Shop. Inside this store on the ground will be a small bag that you can pick up by pressing me. Bring this bag to MeganPlays to complete the quest.

    find something sweet

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    To complete this search, enter Claire’s Cafe Corner and look for a bright pink donut on the counter. Pick up this donut by pressing me and bring it to MeganPlays to complete the mission.

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    level up a pet

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    How this quest is completed is entirely up to you. You can buy a new pet and raise it from level one to level two, or use one you already have and raise its level one more. In most cases, leveling up a new pet is easier than leveling up an existing pet, but the choice is up to you. To level up a pet quickly, be sure to keep an eye on its needs: every time a new icon appears at the top of the screen, you have a chance to give your pet XP.

    Get 1K Claire Coins

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    This quest is pretty easy; the best way to complete it is by reviewing your task menu and doing what you can! Also make sure to keep an eye on your paychecks as they will award you 400 Claire Coins every 10 minutes or so.


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    This quest is completed by playing a round of the Glam & Hair minigame, Hair Salon. To be successful in this minigame, simply pay attention to what each customer wants and do exactly what they ask. After a few minutes of satisfying the customers, the minigame will end and the mission will be complete!


    That’s all about it! Now simply return to MeganPlays to receive the Sleepy Honey The Unicorn Backpack item!

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