How to get Cherry Cordial in Witcher 3



    The Witcher 3 is one of the best RPGs out there, featuring the iconic Geralt of Rivia. This monster slayer and mercenary has many tools at his disposal, such as steel, silver, and alchemy. The latter is largely made up of brewing your own potions, elixirs, and beer, all of which will require ingredients like Cherry Cordial. This may leave you wondering how to find Cherry Cordial in The Witcher 3.

    Where to get Cherry Cordial in The Witcher 3

    The easiest way to get Cherry Cordial in The Witcher 3 is to buy it at innkeepers, merchantsY merchants. Unfortunately, not all inns will sell this item, which means you have to go to a specific one. We have compiled a list of all the inns that Sell ​​Cherry Cordial. This is where to find Cherry Cordial in The Witcher 3.

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    • Hostal Huerto Blanco -Elsa
    • Svorlag – Waiter
    • Larvik – Waiter
    • Harviken – Waiter
    • Below – Businessman
    • raven perch – Businessman
    • oxenfurt -Stjepan
    • the golden sturgeon – Waiter
    • Inn at the crossroads – Waiter
    • Hierarch Square – Businessman
    • fox hole (Blood and Wine DLC) – Innkeeper
    • Scarlet Cardinal Inn (Blood and Wine DLC) – Innkeeper

    After purchasing the entire stock of Cherry Cordial from an innkeeper, you can to update leaving the inn and then entering. This may not work every time or with all innkeepers, but it is a good way to farm Cherry Cordial. Stock up on this ingredient when you can, as it’s hard to find if you don’t stop at inns often.

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