Against the Storm – Going to Heaven (Acts)



    How to Get Paradise Dead: An Easy Way to Avoid Winning Too Soon!

    Concept and prerequisites

    This guide will help you to get heaven (all villagers of all three races have to fulfill their requirements)

    The hardest part here is to do it before you win. And I think this guide will help you get there.

    This is my first guide and I’m not a native English speaker, so be patient if something isn’t quite clear. Hope this helps!


    The goal is to minimize impatience and manage reputation gains, while reducing hostility to zero in order to have time to acquire the necessary resources. To tackle the “happiness is too much” problem while meeting the needs, we will use the Living Matter Farming technique. To get all the time needed to do this, we’ll use the Scarlet Orchard (Archaeology) biome.


    • You have to play on the Scarlet Garden (Archaeology Biome) to be able to easily reduce the enmity to zero. Any positive map modifier will help.
    • Play at Prestige 1 or higher (if you’re a masochist) to get 18 reputation bars (I like P2 because if I roll the “baptism of fire” cornerstone I like to use High Blight Generation Is).
    • It’s easier if you play with humans. Having a human as a fire keeper (to reduce impatience) gives you more time. Because without hostility, impatience would be the limit of time here. I like to keep Harpy and Lizard with the other races, as it’s easier to deal with jerky when needed.
    • Embarkation bonus, I tend to take the building for the fertile soil and something for the first glade (oil or money). I don’t take building materials for this die because it’s not a race and at P1 or 2, you’re in no danger of losing early anyway.

    Reputation management

    You have 18 reputation points to earn before you win. Only the first 14 will bring you new blueprints / Stramford cornerstones. Consider these 14 reputation points a valuable resource. You have to spend them well and only when needed.

    This means, you can’t get any fame… through solves, caches or glade event. Always choose equipment.

    And never get a reputation that you can’t use to ease impatience. If you don’t have enough patience, just wait before getting the rep point.

    You have 3 archaeological sites that can give you some benefits, but it will cost you 3 reputation points depending on the site. The only one really valuable IMO, is the blueprint one. The other must be used until the final step (to obtain the Ancient Tablet), then saved. You can complete them if you want, but I think it’s better overall to get the order.

    You have 9 orders (so 9 reputation points here): You don’t want to take an order that doesn’t benefit you long term (so choose corner stores/bonuses for production/blueprint, content irrelevant Even if they are hard to do, you have time.

    If none are available, select any item to not complete the order (don’t confirm it and uncheck the box in the order menu so you don’t think about it anymore).

    Like I said, you ideally don’t want to get more than 14 reputation points before you’re ready to complete the task. Ideally you want to acquire buildings through ruins, orders and merchants.

    Use reputation points to get some early blueprints, then just search the glade for ruins to avoid getting a blueprint for the building you find. You won’t need a complex food chain for long so once you’ve got what you need for the early game, you can wait before taking your early blueprint.

    Early game

    Objective: To develop some infrastructure for food/basic materials and housing. Preparation for discovery. Construction of Archaeologist’s Office and Trading Post.

    You are here for the long haul, and there is no need to rush. Impatience is what will hold you down, not hostility, so weather the storm as best you can by crafting your goals.

    You have to survive until the middle of the game, then the rivalry won’t be a problem.

    Just play normally, don’t open small glades, focus on a few dangerous ones to find fertile soil and know where you’re going to spawn next.

    Stop consuming all non-essential foods. It is good to have a source of complex foods such as jerky to manage the solution. Easy to set up and you can turn usage on or off as needed.

    Try to find a source of tools, oil, coal or anything that will help you solve some glade event. Archeology offers good loot from the trees (iron and incense) so it’s not hard to get your hands on some useful glade-solving items.

    For base: “HIDDEN TABLET” is what you are looking for in preference. If required you have to find it after 4/5 years using reroll. This is the former and works on cache and other Glade events. An archeological biome, it seems pretty common. You want two of them, three is too much if you have another good rivalry cornerstone.

    Other cornerstones you should look for are cornerstones that speed up the merchant (trade logs), a hostile lowering cornerstone (only in case of: baptism by fire (hostile down on burning blight) or protecting trade (rivalry down when selling goods are perfect).

    Back to Nature is pretty neat here because you’ll need a lot of food later (but you can push for food either way later by spamming greenhouses or farms).

    The one that adds a cornerstone (guild catalog) to the merchant is also good.

    For tornadoes, the same principle applies. Trader speed and food producing cornerstones are nice, but you can always pick something that makes the production chain easier later on.

    Midgame (Getting Rid of Enmity for Good)

    Objective: Reduce hostility and explore life issues.

    Build an archeological office and get the “Decryption Perk” (-15 enmity for ancient tablets) It only costs 10 gold and a 10 plaque. At first it won’t hit you with 0 enmity but keep working on the glade event and you’ll get there with the ‘Hidden Tablet’.

    Then, just build up your food and gold economy. Keep buying useful items from the merchant. Expand and clear the glade event as fast as you can to get ancient tablets.

    Build more farms and start building your complex food/service production chain. But don’t enable consumption for them yet! Just keep that determination around 5 for everyone.

    If determination becomes too much (often the case with Harpies), don’t hesitate to destroy houses, cut their food, favor humans. Anything goes! Don’t just get famous!

    And most importantly: find the event that created the live issues and don’t solve it now! Once you get a Live Matters episode, you’re golden. Welcome to the late game.

    Late Game: Getting everything else while farming life matters

    Herein lies the beauty of this method. Life matters to you -3 resolves each cycle and it clones itself. So you can start with -3 resolution and only build negative resolve from here, while you open up consumption for different needs for your people as you let the resolve tank.

    If the solution gets too low, just complete some Living Matters event to reduce malus (and get loot for it in the process)… and let it spread enough before serving/feeding your people more. .

    Now all you have to do is see when a need is fully met, and when it is done for all the needs and for all the villagers, just get every live matter and TADA ride!

    it’s done!

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