How to get the Exotic Zero Review in Destiny 2



    With the arrival of Season of the Seraph, players are excited to try out all the newly released exotics. Exotic weapons and armor have unique perks, setting them apart from lower-rarity loot. The Season 19 Pass introduced the Manticore Exotic SMG, but players are already hungry for new combat experiences. Here’s how to get the Zero Review Exotic Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2.

    Where do you get the Exotic Zero Review in Destiny 2?

    In order to claim this weapon, players must complete the mission Operation: Seraph’s Shield. This mission will take place on a lower level of the Braytech orbital platform, which is located above the Last City. The Guardian will try to infiltrate the security systems, getting one step closer to awakening Rasputin. Unlocking the quest requires Guardians to complete the first three weeks of the “More Than a Weapon” questline.

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    After the exotic quest becomes available, players can earn not one, but multiple catalysts for Zero Review. Catalysts give exotic weapons a unique advantage in combat, giving them an additional function that improves the weapon’s efficiency. They must be obtained for each exotic by securing a specific number of kills with the weapon. These catalysts can stack when applied to Zero Review, buffing certain stats, or granting entirely new buffs. However, these Catalysts will only be available weeks after the Exotic is released and can be integrated into Seraph Season challenges.

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