How to get cards from the Pokémon TCG Illustration Contest (2022)



    Image via The Pokemon Company

    The Pokémon Company held a TCG Illustration Contest, allowing fans to create their own Pokémon cards. Of the more than 10,000 entries, three were selected as winners. The winners’ artwork depicts ARcanine, Bulbasaur, and Greninja. This may make you wonder how to get the Pokémon TCG 2022 Art Contest cards.

    How to Get and Redeem Illustration Contest 2022 Pokemon Center Codes

    To enter and get the code for the Pokémon TCG: Art Contest cards, you must have a bill on the official website and then complete the Request form. Once you’ve done that, you need to do a $30 purchase or more. By making this purchase, you can redeem code next to it, and this will give you a pack containing the Pokémon TCG art cards.

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    These codes are for one use only, so you cannot get another package unless you create another account and purchase separately. The codes will be distributed within 16 weeks of your entry, so it may take some time before you receive them along with the cards. Remember that codes expire on September 30th, 2023at 11:59 p.m. ET, so make sure you’ve used it by then.

    These will be rare Pokemon cards, and we recommend getting them if you like the TCG look of Pokemon. All of the designs look great, so even if you don’t intend to wear them, they’ll still be a great collectible to have.

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