CoD Modern Warfare 2: The new update causes problems



    I think a lot of technical problems have been reported in the series Call of Duty: Modern War 2 out of 10 recently. We had already reported the hit of the titles on our website. The mid-season update published on the 14th of December, now more frequent reports show no good gaming experience. Eurogamer highlighted the fact that aspects like the games first raid level, the Warzone Cup mode or a new shipment map got into play with the update. Yet given the problems, they are not focussing on these issues.

    Where are the problems?

    Basically, four major problems have appeared in the community since the update. There are many people on the Games Subreddit reporting their custom weapon build was deleted after the update loaded.

    Vg247 and Eurogamer insist that Infinity Ward can now determine the context where it happened. Equipping gold camos could have caused some destruction of weapons from the building of another, and for some to ruin all of their weapons. At times, the loss of progress towards unlocking weapon camos was, but at the same time, also a problem.

    The players were particularly annoyed here because the activation process sometimes takes a long time. Even though the problems in matchmaking on consoles still seem bearable, the message Dev Error 11557 led to anger. The website is focusing on the fact that gamers are particularly affected by these messages on consoles. Infinity Ward recommends reinstalling the roughly 200 gigabyte game.

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    Queln: EURODIO, Vg247, PCM-TID, Ginx.



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