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    Boss fights are my favorite and my least favorite thing to do in Roblox RPGs because while they tend to be the hardest challenges to face, they also tend to yield the best loot. In A Universal Time, you can get some of the best weapons by taking on some powerful bosses. One of these weapons, in particular, is the Asgore spec, which not only looks amazing, but is worth trying to collect for its powerful abilities. Here’s how to locate and collect it yourself!

    How to get Asgore specification in AUT

    To get the Asgore spec, you will need to fight the boss. puddest with the independent specifications. There are two different ways to do this. Can find him at his spawn location either summon him at the Boss Altar in the Dark Souls Arena with uCoins. Either way, you will most likely have to farm it to have a chance of getting the weapon because it only has one 5% chance This is the best place to find Puddest:

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    Where to fight Puddest in AUT

    The Dominion

    You can find him at his usual spawn location, where he can spawn every 30 minutes or so in-game. However, you can more easily farm it by hopping servers or using Robux to spawn here.

    To find it, you will have to go towards the cascade soccer field on the outskirts of town.

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    look at him leftand you will see a great bow; this is the perfect indicator of where you should go next. Climb up to the arch and then take a good and begin climbing the rocks.

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    At the top of the hill, after climbing the rocks, you will see the cave entrance. This is a small cave, so it will be easy to find the teleport.

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    Enter the cave and you will see the flaming sword immediately. He interacts with the sword by holding my, and it will teleport you to the Domain. this is where Puddest will appear every 30 minutes.. If he is not there, you can try to summon him yourself, but it will cost you Robux. The best way is to just switch servers or try to summon it in the Dark Souls Arena for 500,000 uCoins.

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    To fight Puddest, you’ll most likely want to bring in some help, unless you’re already a higher level player. He has 2,500 health and can restore his health whenever someone who has hit him dies. This means that you will have to run away if you get close to that point in order not to lose your progress. The best way to take him down easily is to corner him against a wall and combo repeatedly.

    The most important thing is to make sure you are using Standalone, as this is the only way you can get Asgore’s spec drop from him. It also helps to have its Standless level as much as possible before launching the attack.

    You might not get the spec on your first try or even your second or third try, but keep hopping servers, or spending the Robux if you have them, and farming whatever you can to get lucky with this unique weapon.

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