How to unlock all badges in the Apex Legends Neon Network Collection event



    The Apex Legends Neon Network Collection event introduces all-new ways to earn rewards throughout the event. In previous collection events, players have earned points towards completing the free reward track and completed objectives to unlock collection badges. In Neon Network, the reward system is part of the new Node Tracker Takeover, which tasks players with finding Computer Nodes during unranked Battle Royale games. The Neon Web event still features badges to earn, and here’s how to unlock them.

    To unlock the Neon Net Collection Badges, players must collect Computer Nodes, which can be found during matches via the Node Tracker Acquisition Mode. There are four levels to complete, which will unlock badges and Neon Network story progression. These are the levels to unlock each badge and each part of the story:

    • 5,000 computing nodes
    • 10,000 computing nodes
    • 20,000 computing nodes
    • 30,000 computing nodes
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    How to Play Node Tracker Takeover Mode in Apex Legends

    The Node Tracker Takeover is part of any unranked Battle Royale match during the Neon Network Collection event. Just jump into a public match and start looking for those Node locations using the special Node Tracker item. Each node you find will bring you closer to unlocking the collectible badges and discovering the history of the Neon Network.

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    How to collect computer nodes in Apex Legends

    Compute Nodes are collected in matches during the Neon Web event that runs from July 25, 2023 to August 8, 2023. To collect Compute Nodes during matches, you need to use the Node Tracker special item, which will point you in the direction of nearby locations to collect Compute Nodes.

    After following the tracker, you will find transparent blue domes, and once inside them, you can hack the location and receive a Loot Tick, which will contain items as well as the computer nodes. After the match ends, you will receive the nodes, which will unlock the collection badges and can also be spent in the rewards shop.

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