How to get and use tokens in Disney Speedstorm


    Tokens are hard to come by in Disney Speedstorm, but you’ll need them to get Golden Passes, new characters, and victory animations, among other rewards. You can even get new cart parts with them!

    If you’re running low on this important in-game currency, here’s how to earn tokens in Disney Speedstorm.

    How to get more tokens in Disney Speedstorm

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    There are several ways to earn tokens in Disney Speedstorm. First, you’ll want to head over to the starter circuit.. These are tutorial races centered around Mickey, Donald, and Goofy. Below this path are reward boxes that award tokens in Disney Speedstorm. For example, at the end of Chapter 3, you can get 200 tokens if you reach this area.

    Another way is to increase your collection level. In addition to Universal Box Credits and Elizabeth Swann Character Tokens, You can get 300 tokens at level 13 and level 18.. Keep opening up the gamegetting rewards, and then you’ll see that level goes up.

    Unlike Fortnite’s Battle Pass, which gives players back in-game currency, you can’t earn tokens in Disney Speedstorm through its Golden Pass. It gives coins, upgrade parts, and character tokens, but sadly it doesn’t provide any standard tokens.

    Do you need to pay for tokens in Disney Speedstorm?

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    The fastest way to get tokens in Disney Speedstorm is unfortunately to buy them. At the time of writing, if you want to get Jafar, for example, it will cost 990 tokens. At this rate, you would need to buy 1,150 tokens for £7.99.

    You can also get the Mega Unlock Pack (which unlocks six different characters) in Disney Speedstorm for 6,990 tokens.

    Here’s the lineup of tokens you can get from the game shop and how much they cost:

    • 200 tokens = £1.69
    • 530 tokens = £3.99
    • 1,150 tokens = £7.99
    • 2,400 tokens = £15.99
    • 6,400 tokens = £39.99

    If you have a child playing Disney Speedstorm, you might want to look over their shoulder and put on some paid parental controls.

    This is everything you need to know about tokens! While you’re here, check out our Disney Speedstorm review to see what we think of the game.


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