Is it worth buying tickets for treats in Pokemon GO?


    Are you trying to decide if it’s worth buying a ticket for treats in Pokemon GO? There are plenty of different things to spend your hard-earned money on in Pokemon GO, so we don’t blame anyone for trying to get the most bang for their buck.

    This will be a primer review. the gameA brand new ticket to treatment and whether or not it’s a good investment!

    What is a Ticket to Treats in Pokemon GO?

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    The Ticket of Treats is a special in-game ticket that grants holders access to four Halloween-themed timed exploration opportunities. Getting Started October 1, 2023trainers can purchase tickets for treats from the in-game shop. $5 USD (or the equivalent value in your local currency).

    A new spooky timed exploration will do. Unlock every Thursday in October.Start October 5, 2023. Trainers can complete these timed research tasks throughout the month, with the task and any unclaimed rewards expiring. October 31, 2023, 11:59 PM local time.

    What do you get with a Treats ticket in Pokemon GO?

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    One treatment ticket gives you access to all four research tickets at the time of treatment. Completing the tasks associated with these special timed research opportunities will earn you all kinds of premium items and event-themed Pokémon encounters.

    Additionally, purchasing a Treats ticket will unlock daily bonuses that will remain active for the rest of October.

    Below is a list of everything you can get with a treatment ticket:


    • Three Premium Battle Passes
    • A mossy lure
    • Competition with big size and super size pumpcabo
    • Two incubators
    • Encounters with Fantemp
    • Three silver pinap berries
    • Two super incubators
    • Two rare candies
    • Encounters with Misdreavus


    • 1.5x extra XP awarded for your first catch of the day.
    • 1.5x extra Stardust for your first catch of the day

    Additionally, Niantic promises that each section of the Ticket of Treats Timed Exploration will include additional unknown goodies.

    Is it worth buying tickets for treats in Pokemon GO?

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    Whether or not a treatment ticket is worth it depends on a few factors. First of all, if you can buy a treatment ticket near the beginning of October, you will have a great deal. The longer you have the Treats ticket, the more you can enjoy the daily bonus..

    Even if you’re busy during the first two weeks or so of October, you can still get your money’s worth with Ticket of Treats. You can purchase a treatment ticket until October 29, 2023 at 11:59 PM local time, and Timed Research Tasks will be available until October 31, 2023 at 11:59 PM local time. While you will lose the daily bonus, the rest of the rewards will be there for the taking!

    At the end of day, If you plan to play a lot of Pokemon GO during the month of October, I’d say the Treats ticket is probably worth it.. For just $5 USD, you get access to a ton of exclusive content and collect all sorts of useful items.

    Plus, bonus encounters with Pumpkaboo and Misdreavus make Ticket of Treats Timed Research the perfect opportunity to try and catch shiny variants of these supernatural Pokémon.

    If you’re a regular Pokemon GO player and have $5 lying around, you probably won’t regret using it on a ticket for treats. Ticket to Treat will keep you busy throughout October and get you ready for the rest of the Pokemon Go Halloween festivities!

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