Forget CoD, Overwatch 2 is getting a Diablo crossover.


    Images via Blizzard Entertainment

    While many players are growing weary of the limited content that’s making its way into Diablo 4, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of goodies to go around in other franchises.

    As a big surprise, the recent lack of cosmetics in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone brought Inarius and Lillith with them from the game, drawing comparisons to the similarly weird Spawn, DOOM and Hellsing collaborations. Goes, was pretty wild. Now, the battle for sanctuary is falling into the hands of a new team.

    Diablo 4 is coming to Overwatch 2.

    A new video shared by Overwatch’s official Twitter account has teased that the plight of the underworld may make it to Overwatch 2, all as part of an ongoing push for “cosplay” cosmetics.

    There’s also a tease at the end of the trailer, with various creepy crawlies and Junkenstein’s robots in the world of Blizzard. This is a new Moira skin that mirrors Lilith’s appearance in Diablo 4, with the Rise of Darkness season title card featuring her blood petals.

    It’s an interesting twist for the game, but then again, it’s hard not to expect it, thanks to the pair being Blizzard properties. Also, Moira is a perfect fit for her own Lillith skin. Now we need a beef Reinhard Unarius two cowards.

    When is Overwatch’s spooky season coming?

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    Thankfully, we don’t have to wait long to get around to the skin, as the Rise of Darkness season is coming to an end. October 10. It comes as everything from Call of Duty to Fortnite produces its annual dump of Halloween events.

    Seeing Diablo and Overwatch meet is a very cool crossover that suits the game well, even though players expected a lot more anime crossovers to come first. Either way, we will Definitely Rehash the Junkenstein mods and take the game into a spooky spirit.


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