How to Summon and Defeat the Swamp Creature in The Haunting Warzone & DMZ


    The Haunting Halloween event in Call of Duty: Warzone and DMZ added a variety of new challenges for players. Basically, these quests task you with finding various monstrous entities on the night map of Al Mazrah. In this guide, I have explained the Operation Nightmare challenge that asks you to visit the swamp.

    Where to find the swamp and egg pods in Warzone and DMZ

    The swamp creature can be summoned in the Mawizeh Marshes POI in the northeast of Al Mazrah. Open your tactical map and look for the icon I highlighted on the map above to find the swamp. In the swamp, you will see several egg pods scattered around the area (see second image). These egg pods are actually supply boxes that drop loot when you open them.

    How to find the golden tiara in Warzone and DMZ

    The next step in the Swamp Creatures Haunting challenge is to find the tiara and summon the monsters. The Golden Tiara is dropped randomly as loot when open egg pods in the swamp. If you haven’t found the special item even after opening several capsules, keep an eye on your minimap. The Tiara is marked on all players’ minimap once it appears (third image).

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    How to summon the swamp creature in Warzone and DMZ

    Grab the Golden Tiara and go to the center of the swamp where you will find a drawing on the ground. Press interact when the Offer the golden tiara A message appears to summon the swamp creatures. Several of these monsters will begin to appear in the muddy waters, and all you need to do is kill a swamp creature to complete the desired challenge.

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