How to get all the parts for Jump Bot in Sand Land


    Jump Bot is one of the most important vehicles in Sand Land and you need it to progress the story and climb hills. If you are stuck with the Jump Bot frame and blueprint and want to get its parts, this Sand Land guide will help you.

    How to create all Jump Bot pieces in Sand Land

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    When you finally get your hands on the central frame and plans for the Jump Bot, you’ll need its pieces to create it. At first I went around the world and checked different stores and merchants that would be selling these pieces, but that wasn’t it; I just had to Make these pieces at Ann’s shop in Spino Town.

    Return to Spino, talk to Ann and navigate to Parts>Create Parts>Jump Bot. Here you will see several different parts and here is what you need to create each of them.

    Parts Names of parts Necessary materials
    Primary weapon 30mm grenade launcher x4 grade B gunpowder
    x3 B grade meter
    x4 B grade steel
    secondary weapon 5mm machine gun x3 grade B gunpowder
    B grade sensor x2
    x3 B grade steel
    Engine Parallel twin cylinder engine B Grade Equipment x8
    x4 Vegetable Oil
    x4 B grade steel
    Suspension Standard leg B Grade Spring x8
    x4 Shock-absorbing rubber
    x4 B grade steel

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    When you create all the parts, you must navigate to the vehicle crafting menu in Ann and then make the jumping robotwhat will it cost you 1,600 zenis, 8 B grade steeland a Jumping Robot Frame. Once created, you can equip the robot as one of your vehicles.

    How to Get Jump Bot Parts Materials in Sand Land

    If you don’t have the materials needed to create the Jump Bot parts, you can easily get them Exploring the world, defeat enemiesand loot chests. A great way to find chests is to find caves that appear on your minimap and then head inside to loot the materials, from where you can randomly obtain the necessary materials.

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