How to Find a Certain Hero’s Helmet in Another Crab’s Treasure (Shellslike Achievement)


    There is an end-game shell in Another Crab’s Treasure that is immensely difficult to get: the Helmet of a Certain Hero, which is found in one of the final areas of the game. If you want to complete your collection of all 69 shells, you will have to collect this one as well.

    Another Crab’s Treasure: A Certain Hero’s Helmet Trophy Guide

    A certain hero’s helmet is part of earning two specific achievements in Another Crab’s Treasure: Shellslike and Shell Seeker. If you want to collect both trophies, you will have to find your way to the old oceanwhich is one of the last parts of the game.

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    while in the whitewashed city, look for the elevator. Go up and look for a room with two snow globe shell crabs. Head left, then climb up the pile of trash and through the crack in the wall. There will be a jumping puzzle that I found incredibly difficult to complete. It’s a very precise platform, so I would go to the Accessibility Menu and turn off fall damage to help you with this. If you die, it’s very annoying to do it again, so that setup really saved my tail.

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    Plus, every time I was on dry land, I saved my game. That way, if I failed and got stuck somewhere where I couldn’t complete the puzzle, I could force close the game and try again.

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    In the place where you have to jump on bubbles to get past some sea urchins, I damaged the boost instead of doing the puzzle as intended because it was so challenging and frustrating. If you are having a lot of trouble with this section, don’t be afraid to use the Help menu to help you.

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