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    One of my favorite ways to earn free items on Roblox is by attending special experience events, where you can complete exciting activities and earn awesome accessories for your Avatar. Harmony Hills has a unique roller skating event with Bebe Rexha, which allows you to claim a free pink cassette player, disco sunglasses, and disco helmet. This event is only available for a little longer, so jump on it fast and earn rewards. That is how!

    How to earn all free items in Harmony Hills

    There are three different free rewards you can claim in harmony hills. Each is earned by collecting Tickets in the event and is will be automatically added to your Roblox inventory when you reach the correct amount. Here’s a quick look at how to get each one:

    • pink cassette player
      • Unlocked by earning 200 in-game tickets
    • disco sunglasses
      • Unlocked by earning 400 in-game tickets
    • disco helmet
      • Unlocked by earning 600 in-game tickets

    This event ends on July 21 at 4 pm ET

    In this experience, you will get tickets in the same way for each reward. To get started, you’ll want to take some roller skates. They are found all over the world, but you can take some directly from the spawn and put them around clicking on them.

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    Once you have your skates on, you’ll need to head to the dance floor to start completing challenges and earning tickets. Can just earn 200 tickets per day, so to collect all three prizes, it will take you several days to go back and complete challenges. With your skates, head to the bus just behind to teleport to the dance floor.

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    The bus will take you directly to where you need to be for the event. Just enter the building and roll onto the dance floor. This is where you will complete challenges to earn tickets. The challenges change every few minutes and will take you to the DJ booth. You will also notice the accessory changes. Here’s how to win tickets:

    jump through hoops

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    When you see hoops on the dance floor, you’ll have to jump through them moving towards them and pressing space bar on your keyboard. Keep jumping through all of them as they respawn to rack up some tickets.

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    duck under obstacles

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    Like the hoops challenge, this will require you to work with an obstacle on the dance floor. Except you’ll be dodging these. Approach each obstacle and keep what on your keyboard to crouch down so you can go under them. Keep doing this while they respawn to earn more tickets.

    dance while you skate

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    The last way to win tickets is to dance to the music correctly. Every few minutes, you’ll be prompted that a new dance is starting. You can also see this over the DJ booth in the center. To win Tickets, open the smileys menu on the right side and select the corresponding dance. Once you’re dancing the right one, you can continue to complete the other challenges like hoops and obstacles.


    These are all the ways to earn tickets and claim your free items at Harmony Hills. This event is only available for a while, so jump on it fast and earn tickets as fast as you can so you don’t miss out on these exclusive rewards. Don’t worry; There will also be many more events to try in the future!

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