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    Diablo 4 Season 1 is upon us, and with it, the opportunity to create the seasonal hero you’ll use in Season of the Malignant, leveling up as you go. I played Druid for my first game, but this time I’m looking forward to exploring other classes and builds in this seasonal challenge. But with several classes affected by nerfs, you may be wondering how they all rank up for the new season. Here is a tier list of all classes for Diablo IV Season of the Malignant!

    Class Tier List for Diablo 4 Season 1

    Level Class
    S Necromancer
    TO magician
    B. Rogue
    C. Druid
    D. Barbarian

    All Classes for Diablo IV Season of the Malignant Ranked

    We rank all of the Diablo IV Season of the Malignant classes and how they fare in-game. With the added option to skip the campaign entirely, players can engage in a brief continuation of the story, exploring other classes and builds at their disposal. This tier list ranks all classes against each other using what we consider to be the strongest build for each class to rank them. Please note that Diablo 4 has been subject to frequent balance changes by Blizzard and this list may change in the future.


    Necromancer (Bone Spear build)

    Necromancer has changed in the current class meta by evading most of the nerfs other classes have been hit with, making it the best starting class for Diablo IV Season of the Malignant. His Bone Spear build is still the smoothest build for leveling a Necromancer, it works beautifully in the late game by providing high critical hits. His ability to create enough corpses is still solid, making this class my favorite for Season 1.

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    Sorcerer (Ice Shard Build)

    The Sorcerer class has taken a horrible hit in the nerf wave, but it’s still solid as the fastest leveling class in the game. With his Ice Shards build, the Sorcerer still maintains late game viability by issuing a massive damage output despite the damage reductions and passive buff. They are still the largest glass cannon in the game, and keeping them alive will also be a challenge throughout Season 1.


    Rogue (Twisting Blades build)

    The Rogue class has received significant buffs of late, which has seen them move up the Diablo IV tier list. The Rogue melee variant will still outperform the ranged variant, much to the dismay of old school Diablo players like myself. Their skill ceiling is still very high, and keeping them alive will be a challenge for players, just like the Sorcerer class. This, combined with their lower damage output than the Sorcerer, places them just below the Sorcerer class.

    The Twisting Blades build will be a way to go in Diablo 4 Season of the Malignant, bringing exceptional mobility that will keep you alive, allowing you to dish out maximum damage potential. Like all other Rogue builds, it requires careful gameplay and cooldown level management, but it feels quite rewarding and will have you leveling up quickly.


    Druid (Pulverize build)

    Druid is certainly an easier class to play and tankier than the Rogue class, which unfortunately comes at the cost of being less effective in the damage output bin. The Pulverize build is the most optimal way to play Druid due to its high DPS output. It focuses on the Pulverize ability, which uses a large area of ​​effect to control enemies for large amounts of damage.

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    Barbarian (Whirlwind build)

    Barbarian is the class that has been hit the hardest by all of Blizzard’s nerf waves recently. With the even stronger Whirlwind build, the Barbarian class in its current state cannot effectively compete with other classes in overall damage output. They are slow to level up, but this has happened before. This fact, along with reductions to their unique and passive items, makes them the last item on this list.

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