How to Farm Resonator EXP Materials in Wuthering Waves


    Resonance Potions are EXP materials that can be used to level up Resonators (characters) in Wuthering Waves. With so many waifus and husbands to build, you’ll need a lot of Resonator EXP materials to get everyone to level 90. Here are all the ways you can get Resonance Potions in Wuthering Waves.

    How to Farm Resonance Potions in Wuthering Waves

    Simulation training (agriculture)

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    There are many ways to obtain Resonance Potions in the game, but the quickest way is to farm them in the Simulation Training Room. Head to the area circled above north of Jinzhou. talk to yhan and choose Resonance Potion to enter a Sound Sphere (Domain) where you must defeat a few waves of enemies.

    Once the enemies are defeated, spend Wave plate x40 (Resin/Energy) to obtain Resonance Potions, Binding EXP, and other rewards. The number of Resonance Potions you get depends on the level of the Sound Sphere, which increases as you level up in your SOL3 Phase (World Level).


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    Wuthering Waves hosts a collection of main quests, side stories, exploration quests, and side quests, all of which grant you some Resonance Potions as rewards. I highly recommend completing quests, as some are prerequisites for others, while others can trigger the discovery of new mechanics.

    Diaries (Activity)

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    We all hate diaries, but we can’t deny that they are quite rewarding. By completing dailies in Wuthering Waves, you can collect a large number of upgrade materials, including Resonance Potions. You can access the Activity page through Guide in Terminal or at the top right of the screen.


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    You can find the Milestones page on the Guide, accessible through the Terminal or at the top right of the screen. These are early game challenges that give you lots of awesome rewards to help fuel your journey.

    In addition to Resonance Potions, you’ll also get Astrites (Premium Currency), Shell Credits, Binding EXP, Echoes, and other upgrade materials, so I highly recommend completing these milestones whenever you’re unsure how to progress.

    Point Store

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    Head to the Store menu through Terminal, then select the Adversity Exchange Points Store section. Here you can spend danger records obtained by completing challenges in the Tower of Adversity. The gameplay is similar to Genshin Impact’s Spiral Abyss, and each crest (star) you earn will reward you with some Hazard Points to spend in this dedicated store.

    Personally, I recommend saving your Hazard Logs for better items, but they’re useful for getting some emergency Resonance Potions on a desperate day.

    Should you spend Resonance Potions right away on Wuthering Waves?

    Resonator levels are locked until you raise your SOL3 Phase (World Level), so your use of Resonance Potions will gradually increase at a reasonable rate. However, resources are generally scarce for free players in the early game, as the only way to farm a large amount of Resonator EXP materials costs Waveplates, which require time or money to replenish.

    I recommend entering the gacha several times and playing with different Resonators before committing to a core team of three. Ideally, this should include your favorite waifu or husband, a reliable DPS, and your first target banner Five-Star Resonator, providing a welcome boost of power to your team. This core equipment will be enough to help you through the first week of play, giving you enough time to farm more resources to build other characters.

    For guides on the best resonators to choose from in WuWa, check out the best five-star standard resonator to choose from in Wuthering Waves here on MyFullGames.

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