How to fix lag and stuttering in Wuthering Waves


    Wuthering Waves is a huge open world game with good graphics so it is normal to encounter a little lag here and there but the problem is when you start facing stuttering even with powerful hardware. There are a few things you can do to fix lags and stutters, and this guide will teach you all of them.

    When I started Wuthering Waves, the game had a lot of stutters as soon as I had control of my player, and lowering the graphics settings didn’t help. The main culprit was the high ping on the server I was playing on.

    How to fix random stuttering in Wuthering Waves

    Even though the game recommended that server, the ping was over 400, causing a lot of stuttering. To fix it, you can follow these steps to change your server region in Wuthering Waves:

    1. Go to the Pause menu and return to main menu.
    2. Here you will see the Server option in the background.
    3. Click on it, choose the closest location to youand the game begins.
    4. This will start a new savedbut the stutters will disappear if the ping is not high.

    After that, you’ll be able to play at the highest settings your hardware supports without any issues. Most of the time.

    How to fix lag in Wuthering Waves

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    If you have low ping and still facing lag or low average FPS, you can reduce it a bit graphics settings to fix it. These are the best settings to reduce lag and achieve more frames in Wuthering Waves:

    Setting Worth
    Graphics quality Very low
    Screen mode Full screen
    Resolution Set it according to the size of your monitor.
    Glow Up to you
    Frames per second 45 fps (Lock it to go lower or higher depending on the average you get)
    Shadow quality Low
    Special effects quality Low
    LOD bias Low
    AO Capsule Off
    Volumetric fog Off
    Volumetric lighting Off
    Motion blur Off
    super resolution Off
    Sharp 0
    Antialiasing In
    Vertical Sync Off
    NVIDIA mirroring On + Boost (Turn it off if you have problems)

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