All hidden face locations in Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II (Glimpses of the Gods achievement)


    I usually don’t complete a game 100%, but I had fun doing so in the sequel to Senua’s story. Find all hidden face locations in Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II and unlock the Glimpses of God achievement.

    All Stone Face Collectible Locations in Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II

    If you want to unlock all the cool rewards and get the achievement, you can check out all the stone face collectible locations in Senua’s Saga below.

    Chapter 2 Freyslaug

    You can only find two hidden stone faces and life trees in the Freyslaug area of ​​Hellblade 2.

    Back home

    once you cross the bridge and you cross the house, you will be in a NEW Area. Follow the torchlight until you see the hidden side to the right.

    meeting the stranger

    When you reach a broken wooden path As you follow Fargrimr, you should head down the path to the left. You will recognize the area by the stone with rune marks in that. You will find the stone at the end.

    Chapter 3 Raudholar

    In chapter three of the Senua saga, there is five hidden faces with secret trees of life behind them.

    red hills

    As you walk with Thorgestr and Fargrimr, you will find a crack in the ground. Continue on the right side and continue along the path until you find the hidden face. On the left.

    Go back to where he the crack begins and on the main road. This time, head towards the opposite direction. You’ll find another stone face hidden at the end of the path.

    On the hill

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    once you lower From the top of the hill we followed the path. The next hidden face is On the left. It’s pretty obvious, so you should be able to see it.

    When you complete the first hidden task, head down the now revealed path. You will find the hidden face On the right of the road.

    Complete the second task for the hidden people first. Once the new path opens, head there. As you progress, you will notice a stone shelf with white paint to your right. Go up and you will find another hidden face.

    Chapter 4 Huldufolk

    There is four hidden faces you can find while searching for Hiddenfolk in chapter four of Hellblade 2.

    Enter the caves

    Once you go down to the caves and start crouching Due to the low ceiling, you are close to a hidden face. Head On the left First, and you will see.

    When you put out a fire pit for the first time look behind you. There is a hidden side revealed now that you put out the fire.

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    As soon as you jump into the dark hole and the watergo left. There will be a hidden face and a tree of life at the end.

    act of sacrifice

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    Once you pass through bright light and reach the area with floating rocks, Look around. You should see a hidden face on the wall. On the left.

    Chapter 5 Bardarvik

    This is the final chapter with hidden face collectibles in Senua’s Saga. You can find a total of six faces scattered in chapter five of Hellblade 2.


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    When you reach a small waterfall, you are in the right area. The hidden side is behind, so you can’t miss it.


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    When you arrive at crack between two stones you can pass, stop. turn around On the right to find the hidden face and the tree of life.

    Another question

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    Once you solve the rune gate puzzle, Keep improving. When you are at the top, check the area for the right full of stones. You will find the hidden face in the middle.

    When you find the second rune pattern on the beach, you will unlock a new section From the shore. Here you can see a bright path with a secret crack you can go behind him. Enter the new caves and you will see the face on the walls to the right.

    Back in the settlement, there is a hidden side just in front of a hut. look for a carcass toward good from the main road. The cabin next door has a hidden face in front.

    When you reach the end of the settlement’s main road, head left. There’s a Lorestone on top of a patio. She continued past him and toward him. home at the end. Follow the torch light to reveal the last hidden side of the game.

    If you want to know how long you should take time to play, see How long does Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 take to complete? All chapters, listed in the pro game guides.

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