All daily and weekly Wuthering Waves reset times


    Wuthering Waves has gone live with a wealth of content for gacha lovers to immerse themselves in. A very important piece of information for live service games like Wuthering Waves is the weekly and daily reset time. Here is the information on all of WuWa’s daily (and weekly) reset times.

    Wuthering Waves Daily and Weekly Reset Times Worldwide

    Below we present all the daily and weekly reset times in Wuthering Waves, regardless of your server choice. Our current times are based on the countdown counters on the WuWa diary page.

    America Daily reset time:
    P.T.: 3:00 a.m
    Connecticut: 5 AM
    Eastern Time: 6 am

    Weekly reset time:
    P.T.: Wednesday 7 pm
    Connecticut: Wednesday 9 p.m.
    Eastern Time: Wednesday 10 p.m.

    Europe Daily reset time:
    eastern standard time: 11am
    central european time: 12pm

    Weekly reset time:
    eastern standard time: Thursday 3 am
    central european time: Thursday 4 am

    SEA Daily reset time:
    CIT: 4 a.m.

    Weekly reset time:
    CIT: Thursday 9 am

    Asia Daily reset time:
    KST: 5 AM
    J.S.T.: 5 AM

    Weekly reset time:
    KST: Thursday 11 am
    J.S.T.: Thursday 11 am

    HMT Daily reset time:
    CCT: 4 a.m.

    Weekly reset time:
    CCT: Thursday 10 am

    Wuthering Waves is already making waves with its fluid, dynamic combat and lively characters. While some performance issues have gone unnoticed, we are confident that they will be fixed as soon as possible. If you’re a fan of the Gacha genre and enjoy fast-paced action RPG combat, don’t miss this gem!

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