How to fix crashes in Manor Lords


    Manor Lords has taken the gaming community by storm and, in my opinion, the game is almost perfect. Manor Lords faces some problems; However, below I will explain how to solve them.

    How to fix black screen in Manor Lords

    If you’re facing the dreaded black screen in Manor Lords, the common solution is pretty simple: update your graphics drivers. We have another solution besides that (which involves altering files), so let’s definitely see first if it’s not a GPU issue.

    How to update your graphics drivers

    If you play on a regular PC, you most likely have one of three graphics cards: Nvidia, AMD, or Intel. Here’s how to update them all:

    Each of these utilities will automatically update your graphics drivers to the latest version, even if you have an older version of GPU drivers installed on your PC. Once you’re done, be sure to restart your PC for these changes to take effect.

    If you’re not sure what graphics driver you have, you can find out by opening the start menu and typing dxdiag, where you will see a small cross icon. Once you open it, click on the display tabs to see what graphics card your PC has.

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    Fixing Manor Lords black screen with .ini files

    If your graphics drivers are up to date and your game is still having issues, it is most likely due to your game settings, specifically smoothed and resolution settings.

    Since you cannot adjust the game settings due to the crash, you can modify the game’s .ini files where all your settings are saved. You can find this file at:

    • C:\Users\YourPC\AppData\Local\ManorLords\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor

    Here you can edit the English.ini to disable various settings based on your personal preferences. You can locate the anti-aliasing settings in this file to disable them by placing a zero in the end: r.PostProcessAQuality=0 and r.Default feature.Antialiasing=0. I also suggest playing with motion blur and other additional settings, such as vignette, to better tailor your game to your taste.

    I also recommend adding your monitor’s native resolution to your game settings. You can do this by entering the Settings.ini file and adding r.setres=1920x1080w in the background. If your resolution is different from mine, you can change it to your own.

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