How to Fix “Cannot Click Home Button on Main Menu Screen” Error in Manor Lords


    Can’t press the start button in the Manor Lords main menu? I’ll tell you how to fix it.

    How to fix resolution error in Manor Lords

    If you cannot activate the home button in the Manor Lords main menu and it is not responding, this issue is caused by a mismatch between the game resolution and the native resolution of your PC monitor. First, determine the resolution of your monitor. To do this, search Screen settings in the Start menu by pressing the Home key.

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    Your monitor’s native resolution is almost always the highest, which is the resolution recommended by Windows. Mine is 1920×1080, yours could be larger or smaller depending on your monitor.

    You can now access the Manor Lords game files (also known as .ini files) and adjust the game resolution without launching the game. To do that, go to:

    • C:\Users\YourPC\AppData\Local\ManorLords\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor
    • Open the Settings.ini archive
    • At the end of the text, add r.setres=1920x1080w
    • Save and close the .ini file

    Now you can start the game and find that it fits perfectly to the size of your screen (with all the buttons selectable!). If your resolution is higher or lower, you can simply replace 1920×1080 with your own resolution that you determined in the previous step.

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