Where to find the Dark Souls suit in Another Crab’s Treasure (Map)


    In Another Crab’s Treasure, you can find a variety of outfits, bandanas, and costumes to decorate your Krill. If you’re looking for the Dark Souls-themed outfit within the game, you’ll need to find a secret bonfire while you’re in the Sands Between.

    Location of Solaire’s Outfit in Another Crab’s Treasure – Map

    To dress the way you want to praise the sun, you will need to have reached the sands between. In this location, you can find a small, oceanic version of a Dark Souls Bonfire. It’s located on the eastern edge of the Sands Between, behind a purple Umami block that you need the Mantis Punch Adaptation to get through.

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    Head south from the Secluded Ridge Moon Snail Shell in this area and look for a small rock outcropping near the ledge. It will be close to the tire. Nestled in this circle of stones is a bonfire made with a battery-operated tealight candle and a pile of sword-shaped chopsticks.

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    There’s a shiny interactive object in front of this adorable bonfire, and if you interact with it, you’ll get the outfit. This is what Krill looks like in his new Dark Souls outfit. So beautiful!

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