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    The latest Peroxide update has introduced a new NPC called Wandering Merchant, also known as Dr. Hydrogen. As you might expect, the merchant offers many valuable items, but you will have to find him first, as he is well hidden in the game. Therefore, I have put together this complete guide to locate the wandering merchant in Roblox Peroxide.

    Where is the wandering peroxide merchant?

    I was able to find the wandering merchant inside the city inside the castle ruins in peroxide. However, reaching its exact location was a bit difficult for me as I didn’t find any direct route to its spawn area. Fortunately, I discovered an unofficial path that you can also use to reach the Wandering Trader location.

    1. Start in the alley and head towards the castle ruins.
    2. Climb the monolith above the castle.
    3. Behind the monolith there is a slope that you have to climb.
    4. Once you reach the top of the slope, continue walking until you reach the wandering merchant’s location.
    5. Be careful because I run into several enemies in this area.
    6. Use the operator’s escape element or run away to leave the scene.

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    What does Wandering Trader sell in peroxide?

    To purchase items from Wandering Trader, you will need to press the View Products button after you are near him. At the time of writing, he is selling Time Splitter (2,200 yen), Fortune Field Gen (850 yen), and Peroxide Mixture (350 yen). Apart from this, Wandering Trader offers a game machine where you can spin to get the following items using common or rare:

    • And in
    • Common – Rare Accessories
    • Death
    • 2 EP
    • Legendary accessories
    • Stable/Unstable Remaining time
    • Legendary – Divine Accessories

    Keep in mind: The wandering merchant changes his location every day, so you may have to find him again in order to buy items from him.

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